30 SECRETS In Fortnite CHAPTER 4!

30 SECRETS In Fortnite CHAPTER 4!

30 SECRETS In Fortnite CHAPTER 4!
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Video Sources
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FN_Assist https://twitter.com/FN_Assist/status/1599319436472655872?s=20&t=oy3BgNLm8PXZmYkmBd4Cqg

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Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

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32 Responses

  1. Top5Gaming says:

    Apologies to Flakes Power! He is not a German content creator but the largest content creator in Brazil, congrats on the icon skin!

  2. babsil says:

    I feel like they also remove the whiplash because it would be too powerful with the augment that gives your car infinite fuel

  3. Elias Gonzalez says:

    I feel like this new chapter has been a major refresher in Fortnite, and definitely adds some gameplay aspects that make it so much more interesting.

  4. Carl McMuffin says:

    I don’t care what people say, chapter 4 is a smash hit so far. The graphics are beautiful, we have the best original tier 100 of all time, motorcycles, and finally scars back. This map is really good, and I hope everyone’s having a good time.

  5. j_j25 says:

    I theorize that whiplash cars were removed due to the new augment that allows infinite fuel. So if someone had the Augment then they would have infinite boosters on their car

  6. GOLDEN PUG says:

    My brother and I were thinking about it, because the map is so small right now (nine POI’s instead of the 12+ the old map had), they could honestly pull the land masses that are om the outside of the map inwards to make it larger. It would be wild, “they’ve been teasing this POI since the beginning, we just didn’t know it yet!”

  7. FinnTheKitten II says:

    I hate how in chapter 3 the Devourer skull could’ve been removed and nothing would change.

  8. Deer says:

    This is one of the first seasons I’ve seen in a long time where almost nobody has any major complaints. Let’s just hope they can keep this up later into the chapter 🙂

  9. Night Rise says:


    That’s funny. That was the first place I landed during my first trip on the island.

    The circle of trees on the map just drew me there. Almost as if the zero point was calling me.

    Either way, I’m happy to know it’s safe and sound. Not under water, in the sky or where others are going to use it. It can finally be left alone

  10. Haroldinho says:

    I actually was really surprised when I saw the tree with a statue of the herald connected to it

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