30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

What would it look like to bring dating apps to real life?
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72 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Im so dead looking at all the girls reactions to being denyed has me dyinnn

  2. Frizzable says:

    This mans playing tinder irl and I cant even get a swipe back

  3. Rosie Sanches says:

    I noticed he mostly picked women who are smiling lol

  4. F. E. G. says:

    Entertaining, but I like the 40 vs. 1 Videos more, where they sit in a circle with their phones, because it is less uncomfortable.

  5. Lama Lama says:

    I noticed a spark as soon as he looked at her

  6. Reagan Butrum says:

    He picked the ones who were smiling/didn’t look bored or annoyed

    • MeronJometra says:

      Lol the ones who were annoyed were just in it for the $100 research time….How much u wanna bet the last girl will block this guy after the date? Girls like to play trust me she doesnt look that into himπŸ˜‚

  7. Emjune Fujioka says:

    oh dear lord people’s self esteem ah

  8. Audrey Fleck says:

    Imagine 4 years later they get married. Tell there kids how they met ohhh… just off YouTube…and picking girls in a line… ya know the norm

  9. Jack Middleton says:

    Where did you find these people, at a dental hygiene enthusiast convention?

  10. SoniasWay says:

    Basically, He was swiping right the girls who were smiling and the one he chose the prettiest one obviously.
    … Anyways, I talk about stuff that I think matters in my videos. Hope it can help someone,✌️

  11. Blvck Mansa says:

    The cutest black chick got swiped left on cause her ass wanted to mean mug

  12. Rafael Vargas says:

    Man I have a hard time even putting myself out there. This looks incredibly more intimidating.

    • X says:

      I’d feel like a douche if it was me.

    • MeMyselfandNenyeh says:

      Rafael Vargas lmao it is intimidating but that’s what everyone does on tinder πŸ˜‚

    • gqn2 says:

      Imagine being swipe left by a person you don’t find attractive and have the notion of it lingering throughout your day. That is what social media does to us.

    • MeronJometra says:

      This is an excellent video that shows how pathetic this generation is with online dating…. No way! I am not gonna lie I gave POF a try ONCE and it was like NOPE! CrINGE. How do people have a bunch of apps on their phones and date like this? I met my bf while trying to put air in my car tires he asked if I needed a hand I said no leave me alone I don’t need u trying to flirt with me and then he said to me that he was just offering help bcuz I was taking forever and he saw me on my phone youtubing how to put air in tires and he was in a hurry to use it after meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyways its always better to do it the old fashioned way without wasting your time. Look all these 30 girls… They just wasted their time for a random stranger. Hell nah. Save your time and dont get disappointed …just meet someone in their natural routine/ habitat. Even if u argue first or see their bad sides u learn something about them at the first time u meet them which is πŸ‘

  13. Sofia NM says:

    – Anshul, nice to meet you
    – Anshul?!?
    -yea it’s like enchiladas!

  14. |NinjaCakes| says:

    Dating apps are honestly probably the worst thing to happen to this generation dating-wise. How can you just judge someone solely on how they look and their dating profile… most people end up in relationships with people they wouldn’t ever really picked for themselves but somehow it worked out and there was chemistry.. People need to just be open to meeting new people, have friendships and make connections with people. Go out and meet people.. you will be surprised how many people you could be compatible with!

  15. 3 incher says:

    He’s seems like a confident and easy to talk to dude

  16. Stopdabbingkids -.- says:

    I really hate how they didn’t get to talk about themselves or get to know each other. They only chose off of how they look.

  17. knightschica13 says:

    The girl he chose smiles with her heart, I love that.

  18. adza botchway says:

    jeez, this is honestly just weird. this is something you’d see in a dystopian movie. it feels so wrong to see something like this

  19. The Rocker X says:

    Since girls are way pickier than guys, I’m really curious what the female version of this will look like

  20. Ricki G says:

    1:27 this chick was probably kidnapped to do the video. Lol

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