$300 vs $2000 Coilovers

$300 vs $2000 Coilovers

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$300 Maxpeedingrods vs $2000 Tein coilovers. Does more expensive mean more better? Let’s find out. HiLow is back, baby.

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20 Responses

  1. Sathvik Reddy says:

    I feels so good having this series back with new cars

  2. Robin Fernandez says:

    Gotta say I’m always impressed by Nolan’s skills. He’s not a profesional but he managed to do an awesome lap time

  3. Jacob Gaylord says:

    Production levels and overall quality of the videos just keeps getting better and better, you guys are killing it

  4. Evan Riel says:

    Definitely would look into fixing the oiling issues Subarus have stock with oil pan baffles and new oil pick up

  5. Sebastian Antony says:

    The quality of this video is immense, you guys must have put so much work into it. The visuals showing what you’re talking about especially is just really well done. Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Staghein says:

    can we take the time to appreciate how good of a driver our boy Nolan is ?

  7. Bluestrike22 says:

    Proud of Nolan, if I remember right he used to be not super confident in his driving overall but he was out there laying down some of the best track times .

  8. Knoetje says:

    BROO the transitions between everybody are so seamless feel so natural!!! The production quality is top notch and the chemistry between everyone sublime. This is the quality i expect from donut !!!Good job to everybody at donut media !!

  9. TR0P127 says:

    Production value and flow is insane, you guys are killing it. Only gripe … would have loved to see a rally hi low since we have already had a track one (they are WRXs after all!)

  10. tallboi says:

    Im happy you guys brought this series back! Especially with some Subies ✌

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