3/3 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel Address to a Joint Meeting of Congress

3/3 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel Address to a Joint Meeting of Congress


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20 Responses

  1. nadim shaikh says:

    Look at republicans they feel so special.lol

  2. Billy Jones says:

    give the illegal bandit terrorist country America back to the native

  3. korencek says:

    this terrorist describing iran of everything that israel does. what a joke
    this USA country is.

  4. Daughter Of God says:

    Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
    the Son of God.

  5. Ducati Drew says:

    I see very bright days ahead for Israel! One with bright yellow and orange
    colors, a shock wave, sonic boom and mushroom cloud. Israel needs to get
    as many Jews as it can in that one locale. It think it is a fantastic idea
    to gather all in one place. Together we can make this happen.

  6. Ilikadasauce says:

    I see nobody commenting here actually watched the video.

  7. Idevice Techspot says:

    What is it with this guy hating Muslims 

  8. Mythra13 says:

    If you believe the Jews have a right to Israel, it logically follows that
    the Native Americans have a right to the USA.

  9. Thisisnotmyrealname8 says:

    Let’s face the facts. Most Americans on either side have done wrong in the
    sight of God, especially in these times, but the liberals are simply more
    evil, knowingly and unrepentantly evil: boldly evil. Demon possessed
    psychopaths who need to be pushed out or suppressed, at the very least.

  10. Fishers of Men Ministries says:

    I stand with Bibi. 


    Rev 2:9

  12. ificould1day says:

    It’s mad disrespectful to go against the president of a country to talk to
    it’s congress. Really embarrassing for Rep. Boehner to go against the
    President wishes, and side with a foreign leader!!!!!

  13. Sheridan Hayward says:

    nuteryahoo, Illegal occupation and innocent woman and children murdering
    anyway pleas let the world know how many nukes you got hidden and how many
    innocent people have Iran killed in the last 20 years?
    Also who is the ONLY country to have ever used atomic weapons in anger?
    usa, uk and Israel are the REAL terrorists!

  14. Joshua Moshe says:

    Sting once sang a song “I hope the Russians love their children too.” I
    believe that through the cold war we found that to be true. Now we must
    hope again. “I hope the Iranians love their children too.” But sadly many
    of the terrorist regimes have made it clear that they hate their enemies
    much more than they love their children. I hope that P.M. Netanyahu’s
    benefit of the doubt extended to Iran is understood by the main populous of
    Iran to be a hand extended in peace and that the majority of those in Iran
    will overthrow this regime. Todah Rabbah to Netanyahu. Blessings upon the
    friendship between Israel and the U.S. Let G-d arise and let His enemies be

  15. mark alexander says:

    ‘This criminal leader of the illegal bandit state of Israel banging war
    drums in congress. Representing 8 million people occupying someone else’s
    land. How come such power and influence? Jews run the planet because we let
    them.’ huh, would rather live in Russia or china or north Korea so on and
    so on…. I bet you’ve never been anywhere else in the world.

  16. SputnikMedia says:

    I wouldn’t believe a fucking word coming out of this liars mouth. 

  17. Sheridan Hayward says:

    also this propaganda hate speech has been flagged so utube please remove
    this filth.

  18. SputnikMedia says:

    Why is this cock sucker speaking to congress? What are we the United
    States of Israel now? Fuck Israel . 

  19. Jason Grant says:

    The first 45 minutes was my favorite.

  20. Aram Hackweb says:

    People of usa so stupid i couldn’t watch your comments…Zombie people with
    zombie brain. Eat your burgers and coca-cola, and shut the fuck up!