33 Secret Things in Minecraft 1.19

33 Secret Things in Minecraft 1.19

The new wild update 1.19 is out and you know what that means, plenty of secret things and trivia you might not have heard of. Let me know in the comments how many you knew out of 33.

(Although maybe this once it might be a lot since a couple of these are aimed towards people who are unfamiliar with the update)

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-Old warden art: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Warden#Concept_artwork
-Mysticat sensor detector: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=369HZU008T8&ab_channel=Mysticat
-Ilmango skulk charge ducts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OSJ2n3Akws&ab_channel=ilmango

This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a fact based list series inspired by SkipTheTutorial (https://www.youtube.com/c/SkiptheTutorial) with secret facts and trivia you might not know

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44 Responses

  1. iDeactivateMC says:

    The old warden is terrifying

  2. SacredBricks says:

    The warden is actually such a cool mob. Scary but awesome!

  3. MineFan7 says:

    About the axolotl theory, there was also a patch note saying “The warden is not what it seems”
    Parallel to the axolotl variant one year earlier

    • The Sleepy Animator says:

      pffff the warden just has a cage in the deep dark with water and coral with a pink axolotl in it and a sign above the cage saying: Wardens pet. Don’t touch.

    • YourWorstNightmare says:

      @Blake Williams They’re gills, actually! That’s not all they share, either. Axolotls and the warden have a *lotl* in common, such as being found in dark, damp environments (like caves), being related to blind creatures, and being hard to kill (at least in Minecraft, I don’t condone trying to kill real axolotls lol).

    • Blue Pineapple Guy says:


    • YourWorstNightmare says:

      @Morbius 🅥 Here it’s finally

    • Blake Williams says:

      I mean the warden has those tentacles on his head like a axolotol

  4. Max dzban says:

    i think they deleted the ,,portal” from the files so people don’t get too excited, but im still 100% sure its a portal, just look at it, it also has the requirements to be a portal, 1. a hard block (nether portal:obsidian, end portal: portal frame, here: reinforced deepslate) and heat (nether portal: flint & steel, end portal: eyes of ender are crafted with blaze powder, wich is defienatly hot, and here: below the portal, there is fire, alot of it and its on soul sand, making it even more hot) so its a portal, 1000000000000000000%

    • charlestonian builder says:

      its like when they added strongholds into mcpe or bedrock, it existed, but theres not much of a point to go there until they added the end dimension in later versions

    • yetanotheruser says:

      It probably was meant to be a portal and including “portal” in the file name was probably a mistake.

    • Roaring Thunder115 says:


    • Brennan Gifford says:

      @Max dzban yeah i know sorry i just realized, it wasn’t RGN but i cant find who it was. Sorry. If i find it ill tell you

  5. Nblank 4 says:

    The Ender Dragon’s death being “special” makes me think about how the “portal” in the Ancient City is kinda Dragon-sized? It seems like the Ender Dragon could fly through it pretty well.

  6. Emerick Bouet says:

    I think the redstone laboratory should be implemented to more structures. New players that could discover redstone will never step into the heart of the ancient cities randomly.

  7. Jan Espanyo says:

    11:06 There is more info backing up this theory. Once, they said in the same odd language “The Warden is not what he seems” which sounds connected to “The axolotls are not what they seem”

  8. KAYLA BOND!!T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 says:

    fun fact:
    number 18 is technically wrong because like honeycomb, it takes the same amount of time to mine with your fist.

  9. Moron Ribbons says:

    1:52 that would’ve been really cool if really anxiety inducing to see; its almost a little sad it didn’t make the cut since it would’ve been exceptionally fun to make unnerving areas of builds with, but with how much more it sticks out as a gaping contrast to the rest of minecraft than the implemented deep dark, i can understand why they scrapped it – it almost feels like its from some kind of horror mod!

  10. Lampe2020 says:

    I’ll try to make a mod that adds fireflys – even though I am not experienced in Java coding it will be (relatively) easy, I’ll just create the model and put a bat’s AI and some nice sounds on it.

    • Moss Hive Network says:

      Good luck, but don’t make them 2 pixels.

    • charlestonian builder says:

      one of the problems there is lag, in order to give the atmospheric effect you would need alot of them, and alot of entities tend to lag even if its just 2 pixels, thats why the community suggested it to be added as particle effects

    • Snowy Mario says:

      Nice, tell me when you finish it lmao

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