$3,300 GOLD FACE MASK??!! Review + Demo feat. Laganja Estranja

$3,300 GOLD FACE MASK??!! Review + Demo feat. Laganja Estranja

HIII EVERYONE! Some of my subscribers kept sending me links to this crazy expensive brand called Adore, and one of their gold makes was recently were seen by Kim K’s famous makeup artist Mario! Curiosity got the best of me so I ordered these 24 carat GOLD MASKS! Who better than to try them out with, than my sister Laganja??? We dive into the realm of “OMG… really” and see if these really work!

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Tutorial w/KYLIE COSMETICS – The Bronze Palette ► http://bit.ly/2brzSvQ

CHANEL LIQUID LIP first impressions ► http://bit.ly/2em3E4z

GLAMGLOW ‘GRAVITY MUD’ first impressions ► http://bit.ly/2el3M3p

MUSIC: ► Different Heaven ► ”Nekozilla” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FNHe3kf8_s
(courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)

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20 Responses

  1. Andriona Hernandez says:

    Notification Gang wya?

  2. Sareli says:

    Meanwhile.. I have a penny and a couple raisins in my wallet…

  3. HeythereHelena says:

    I love Laganja and Adore!! I had no idea who they were because I’ve never
    seen rupauls drag race but maybe I should because they’re adorable!! ❤

  4. Leah Bohannon says:

    I want a Jeffree and Laganja YouTube channel

  5. rubianna curran says:

    Jeffree’s laugh at 1:52 has me gagging, sounds like the laugh from the
    movie white chicks, anyone agree? hahaahahha

  6. Queen Cee says:

    I just love how Jefreestar is just happier these days and I don’t know but
    she seems like getting rid of snakes around her made her more gorgeous and
    happier. Love ya Jefreestar :* :*

  7. Lily Beth says:

    my friends don’t even reply to me in the group chat and jeffrees out here
    giving laganja multiple 275$ masks

  8. simplysamirah says:

    Can I please get cut by Jeffrey’s jaw line ???

  9. sophie xx says:

    I NEED JEFFREES HOODIEEEEE!!! It’s not on his online store.. where do you
    think I could get it?

  10. Carmina Monteiro says:

    CAN ANYTHING BE SOFTER THAN A SCROTUM? If a scrotum feels awesome on my
    face, imagine this mask YAS GAWD

  11. Exo Natiion says:

    why do you have a white lighter? white lighters are bad luck..

  12. MakeupByShirley says:

    I can barely afford a 4 PC chicken nuggets

  13. chris toledo says:

    I hated laganja on ru Paul but seeing him with jeffree he seems really cool
    and nicer

  14. Stefania Valentine says:

    3000$ that’s a new set of titties damn I wish I had that

  15. Chloe Hawley says:

    Laganja has a personality that is just so magnetic and wonderful and will
    make anyone happy. I fucking love iy

  16. DiCostanzo Twins says:

    Ganja is so funny she needs a channel or have her on more often

  17. karlee weeg says:

    When you selling those hoodies bitch

  18. Katerina M says:

    Hhahahah! “I feel 12” Ive literally just laughed for a whole 13 minutes 35
    seconds LOVE <3

  19. ItsJustJolie says:

    I always read Laganja’s name as lasagna lol

  20. Skylar Forney says:

    My high ass was like why did Jeffree put the mask on his lips…