34 Historical Fashion Facts – mental_floss List Show Ep. 513

34 Historical Fashion Facts – mental_floss List Show Ep. 513

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John shares some fascinating historical fashion facts!

#5 – Image from Wellcome Images – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Egypt,_wigs_with_cones_of_unguent,_Tomb_of_Userhat_Wellcome_M0010365.jpg

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20 Responses

  1. DrinkThis says:

    I’m second viewer!

  2. Diego de la vega says:

    LoL @ that Tom Cruise XD

  3. Allison Rose says:

    “Just like today with Tom Cruise.” XD

  4. GeoJake says:

    The British : covering stuff with flammable material since the 1850s.

  5. Charles Strobel says:

    I think kilts should be more common than they are currently.

  6. countessem says:

    We also have Queen Victoria to thank for white wedding dresses as a norm, and the Victorian era in general for the Audubon Society, because we just couldn’t stop going ‘That bird would look pretty on a hat.’

  7. Fresh Arche says:

    John I am proud of you. I, too, did dress myself today but I have to admit, I am only wearing boxershorts right now so I didn’t do so well on that front…

  8. 1984Porthos says:

    We should bring back how to dress nicely instead of like you don’t care about yourself.

  9. tifpo33 says:

    Really like that the List Show is back!

  10. David Lev says:

    I live pretty close to where they found those oldest shoes

  11. Jillian Drinnon says:

    I wish huge cargo pants would come back. So many pockets….so much utility.

  12. Marconius says:

    I miss whatever fashion trend allowed us to wear pants that are comfortable.

    Wait, was that ever a thing?

    Also, togas.

  13. Super Saiya-jin Vegeta says:

    I miss the baggy jeans as well.

  14. Tyrant-Den says:

    Armor, I think people should start wearing armor again.

  15. EilsTheDaydreamer says:

    In the 18th century, women had pockets which they tied on under their dresses and then there were holes in the over skirts so they could access them. We should bring back pockets for dresses. Also big dresses, because they’re more fun to wear.

  16. Sierra Rambles A Lot says:

    Anyone remember that episode of Ned’s declassified where everyone mocked Ned for wearing a girls shirt due to the buttons being the left?

  17. Tyler Rissell says:

    I wear 514 waist high overalls. LOL

  18. Pretty Little Liars says:

    What time period are you “not” suppose to wear white? Labor day until the first day of summer?

  19. Ben Winfrey says:

    How the fuck is this on trending? It only has 20k views

  20. LadySara says:

    Are you saying that we, women, bought high heels onto ourselves?!

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