$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3

The Worth It potluck finale! A three part series celebrating holiday food traditions and friends. Part 3: The Centerpiece Roast. Featuring Google Assistant.

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Eddy Shin

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43 Responses

  1. Dead Inside says:


    “ Ima put the whole thing in my mouth “
    Me- Oh boy bad decision?

  2. Mohammed Kazmi says:

    Shane and Ryan made this soo much funnier ?

  3. Isabella Perez says:

    -Daddy likes drinking dude
    I died at that ?????

  4. KC Inugami says:

    I think this is the best evidence of the supernatural shane and ryan have ever found

  5. TempestSora says:

    I died when we got the Adam solo?

  6. yellofury says:

    Dang I bought my prime rib for Christmas at ALDI for 5.99/lb…..TODAY ON WORTH IT: $347 VS $48 PRIME RIB

  7. Deanandre says:

    So nice watching Adam have a table to himself at the end. He barely got in a couple bites every other Worth It episode.

  8. Megan Hoang says:

    I KNEW IT: 6:49: Ryan @ Steven: “I’m comin’ for your job”

  9. Matthew Carroll says:

    Adam at the end just chillin, the best end to season. thanks guys

  10. Elijah H says:

    It was so perfect when they both got the wasabi puffs at the same time, lmao

  11. Painting Pistachios says:

    I wanted Shane and Ryan to bring/make spaghetti and apple taters (:

  12. Rushabh Bhakta says:

    There need to be more Worth It & BuzzfeedUnsolved Crossovers……

  13. Megan N says:

    Which is most worth it?!

  14. Abbei Abs says:

    Shane and Ryan both get the wasabi is everything!!!!!

  15. Chanyeol Delight says:

    trust Evan to bring korean food haha

  16. Krittin Vimolchalao says:

    The conspiracy of both Shane and Ryan who both got the wasabi ones will remain UNSOLVED!

  17. Zara Kim says:

    That moment when both Ryan and Shane got the wasabi. Coincidence or paranormal? It will remained unsolved

  18. Selena Rojo says:

    I love how the unsolved boys were the ones who got the wasabi. It was like a message from beyond basically saying “you guys are going to be friends for ever”

  19. Peter and Yen says:

    Now that’s a pot luck!

  20. cbalano says:

    1:43 So this video was filmed in October apparently.

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