35 Minecraft Items That Got Removed

35 Minecraft Items That Got Removed

Mojang are always adding new items to the game, but they’ve removed a good few over the years! Here are all of the Minecraft items that were removed or left unused in the game’s code.
Enjoy these Minecraft removed items!

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thank you to these awesome people:
monkey motivator concept – SeaOfPixels
TheInfamous1 – Minecraft Dungeons Items mod

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44 Responses

  1. Giftful says:

    The quality of these videos are honestly insane. The amount of time you must have put into recording, editing, and research must be high. And without a team.

  2. evil says:

    I want the minecraft banana

  3. Rs1 says:

    When the world needed him most, he returned.

  4. Mr. Wooloo says:

    “There are unique types of potions in Minecraft dungeons that you probably don’t know about”

    Except that I played a little Minecraft dungeons, and they’re really common

  5. Sipover says:

    i didnt even know about these, these are crazy

  6. Tallest Flash says:

    The monkey motivator is quite possibly the most tragic piece of cut content in history

  7. Club Sandwich says:

    The unused diamond and iron and diamond elytra was actually just the temporary icon in the game selection menu for the glide minigame. Still sad they removed those old minigames 🙁

  8. Twi Shorts says:

    Not me checking every day to see if you’ve uploaded a new video 👀

  9. Pixelcraftian says:

    I honestly love all of the videos you make for this channel, they’re very awesome :] Including this video!! amazing bideo 😀

  10. iDeactivateMC says:

    He’s back!!

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