365 DAYS Transforming EVERYTHING In Minecraft! – The ULTIMATE Survival World

365 DAYS Transforming EVERYTHING In Minecraft! – The ULTIMATE Survival World

Hundreds of hours went into this transformation, I even worked for more than 48 hours straight, and I’m not even joking. So subscribe for me to do more stupid stuff like this

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Jake Rivers:


Song List:
Brazier Self, Winder Is Coming
Village Stomp
Lighthouse Lullaby
Björn Again
The Dragon Arena
Taiga Epilogue
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Shaders: Complementary Shaders

Mods & Plugins Used:
Replay Mod
World Edit
Voxel Sniper
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28 Responses

  1. TrixyBlox says:

    Did you spot all of the cameos? 😎 Well, if you’ve made it down here, then you owe it to us to check out the NEW ULTIMATE Survival World MOVIE Episode on the StephBlox channel! 🎥 https://youtu.be/jDsyV7bX0O4

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    Okay click every single link otherwise I’ll set Herobrine on you.

    • Fronski says:

      How can this be avaible on bedrock because their are invisble itemphrames

    • Eluboy says:

      @nugget the dynasty will come in your favor👍🏼

    • Obamium says:

      Great progress so far! Every single video has exceeded my expectations and I’m really proud of how good the world is coming together. I do think that you should add in some mods to make it feel a bit more alive. I suggest something like the ice & fire mod or Mowzy’s mobs since they have some great mythical creatures that fit with some of the themes you’re going for

    • Francis Barbado says:

      Maybe make the snowy biome Japan and with Mt Figi and cherry blossoms

    • Heromobs lp says:

      just an idea but maybe as a last episode you could scatter some mini dungeons, caves or houses to find similar to skyrim or something and make the world more lively outside of the main villages

  2. Wunba says:

    The sheer amount of diagonal buildings you made is ridiculous and they look fabulous! I mean this is beyond amazing!

  3. Maddie the Raccoon says:

    As a Norwegian this was likely my favourite transformation to watch, I love the research you did to get the small details such as vikings not having a regular barn house for animals and taking inspiration from stave churches(which is stav kirke in norwegian btw) the attention to detail with Norse mythology as well was incredible, I’m exited to see the snowy peaks transformation and keep up with the great work!

  4. Exonymat says:

    Every time you post a USW video the standard just gets higher and higher! Really great job mate!

    And I want to suggest an idea if you haven’t done them already. I’d love to see some Nether and End based cults in the world, with their own little pockets of land which are dedicated to each dimension. This would help bring in more familiar aspects of the game and it also means that if you wish, you can rebuild the Nether and End in the future!

  5. Lava Fish says:

    I love how this all is turning out, you guys should add some Asian inspired stuff in the next builds as well to diversify the lore even more. I think it’d be really cool to see the USW with some Chinese Junk boats in the waters, or old japanese temples, or it’d be cool to see Tibet or Nepalese influence in the mountains

  6. Michael Scanlan says:

    My favorite aspect of this world is that you’re not only creating your own story (with Steph), but you’re also bringing in legitimate history and building on factual accounts from the past. Very well done. So much work involved in this and it’s very entertaining and impressive! Thank you so much for all this hard work!

    • Zack Jensen says:

      @TrynTip this would be awesome, they could even include dragons if they wanted to take it that far

    • Scarchain6891 says:

      @Najo he said he’s gonna take inspiration from mythology and make his own stuff. It’s not all gonna be accurate. Plus it’s mythology. You really think there were people that turned into dragons? Not likely

    • J&M Palm says:

      Yes, he has inspired me to make my own Minecraft story

    • Mr Monkey says:

      @Aliyan Nawaz make it then

  7. Rabolargus says:

    I’m so proud of you, i been following these series since chapter one, have seen every video, your creativity and dedication is just awesome, im glad that i found this channel and happy of being part of your growth, i cant wait to play this map with my friends, greeting from Dominican Republic 😀

  8. Ethan Polley says:

    I honestly do not think I’m going to watch a Minecraft build series better than this. It was so much scope and ambition. It’s so amazing how you work in actual history and your own timeline.

  9. 1000Simon says:

    As a Swede who has roots from 800 AC and still have close ties with Norse mythology, I just wanna say that I’m really thankful that you put so much effort into every detail and actually took your time to learn the culture and not just go on Hollywood’s Viking stories awesome build loved the video

  10. Order of Folkism says:

    I’m a norse pagan. I’m impressed with the amount of accuracy this video contains about our culture and our religion. Really the only thing you could have done is create a crematory instead of a graveyard (as the vikings partook in), but that’s just nitpicky. Great job, we’re all looking forward for the completion of this map.

    • Oh says:

      I’m a Wiccan that really admires Norse paganism and knew that it would fit in with this biome really well, and I just couldn’t help but to suggest it in the discord server. I love how he listens to the community and it feels amazing to have been able to not only help shape the usw, but to also help shine light on a culture I admire.

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