38 Facts about the Internet – mental_floss List Show Ep. 414

38 Facts about the Internet – mental_floss List Show Ep. 414

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, Mike shares some little known facts about the internet!

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20 Responses

  1. giantpiggie says:


  2. Natalie Virginia says:

    I love when Mike hosts!! I just think he’s adorkable!

  3. B. Winky says:

    Use “password” as my password for all my throwaway accounts

  4. Mark Blease says:

    two videos with mike in one day. awesome

  5. Josh Bobst says:

    I’m one of those American men who don’t use social media. I find the whole
    idea horrifying and queer. It would be like inviting my boss to hang out in
    my bedroom for a day, or however long.

  6. TotallyNotASeaOtter says:

    Gif MasterRace!!!

  7. zoobpy says:

    “Deleted Articles with Freaky Titles” does not exist on Wikipedia…

  8. Josh Bobst says:

    According to Dan Simmons, the Internet of Things is set to become the
    Knowledge of the State of All Things. When we can know the condition of
    every cell in all the blades of grass, etc., the world becomes an organism.
    it could even be said that the world will know itself.

  9. Sydney Brown says:

    I literally yelled “YAY BUZZFEED” when I saw this video. There is no
    turning back for me.

  10. TwilightSupreme says:

    Isn’t this the guy that said that egalitarianism is part of the MRA or
    something? He got blasted so bad for that one.

  11. Dakktyrel says:

    38 facts about the interwebs and not one was about porn?

  12. Drew Hayden says:

    I’m always filled with glee when I hear the Idea Channel Native
    pronunciation of GIF.

  13. Ozzy Jr. Gastelum says:

    I THOUGHT IT WAS 41!!!!!!

  14. Yo yo ma Ma says:


  15. vitamindubya says:

    Sounds like something Bradbury would say

  16. MP Gaming says:

    your shirt has very bad dandruff ;)

  17. Hr Gwea says:

    Stop saying you returned to the salon!
    You never leave it in the first place.

  18. RandomChick51 says:

    no, baby boomers spend 100% of their time on the internet complaining about
    how often millennials use the internet

  19. Croatoan says:

    “Hey there, I’m Mike”- WAIT!? I stepped away for 200 list shows and there
    is a new host?

  20. XxwackiemousexX says:

    Dam that last one is so true I have 15