3rd Quarter, One Box Video: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers

3rd Quarter, One Box Video: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers

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45 Responses

  1. モモペンの俺 says:


  2. Epicsnaps555 says:

    2nd like

  3. Arda Kanpulat says:


  4. Nicholas SSH says:

    Lebron is the goat

    • Nicholas SSH says:

      Tyler Dennis stop talking he passed michael jordan for most consecutive games with 10 points.He also has the most steals all time in the playoffs.He scored 30,000 points in his 15 years in the NBA.He also won 3 rings,4 mvps,5 DPOYS,and he also made one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history

    • okay says:

      Tyler Dennis did you just try to compare LeBron to Curry, Durrant, Kawhi, Westbrook and Anthony Davis? Look at LeBron’s accomplishments. He is a top 3 player of all time. The other players are underaccomplished.

    • Gagan Dhaliwal says:

      Goat when it comes to taking L’s in the finals ???

    • Brilliant 513 says:

      Nicholas SSH He doesn’t have a single defensive player of the year award

    • Half Saiyan Half Hooper says:

      Tyler Dennis You’re retarded, stop replying with a stick up your ass everyone calls their favorite player the “goat”. If I say “wow, Curry’s the goat” that doesn’t mean hes better than Jordan dumbass its not a real argument

  5. 김도원 says:

    how oladipo make that

  6. Final Beta says:

    If Cavs lose, it will solidify Lebron’s departure.

  7. Danny McEwen says:

    The fact James can guard Oladipo is amazing

    • Nathaniel Benedict says:

      IKR ! LeDIPOfather !

    • Tyler Dennis says:

      Danny McEwen lol how is it amazing?? I thought lebron was the best and victor oladipo is good but not amazing so settle down lol

    • Gagan Dhaliwal says:

      Lmao Lechoke’s defense is atrocious. ??

    • Mokujin says:

      Tyler Dennis Because Oladipo is a shooting guard at like 6’ 3” and LeBron is a 6’ 9” forward and 50 lbs heavier. The fact he can keep up is crazy. Most large forwards can’t stay in front of quicker guards.

    • How do I Say goodbye #21-0 says:

      Tyler Dennis you settle down and quit crying you salty lebron hater, Cavs advance and Pacers are eliminated. Get over it and stop liking your own comments

  8. June Hodge says:

    Cavs gonna cheat for the win again. What a big surprise. Makes it not fun to even watch.

  9. Tyler Dennis says:

    Here we go..everyone is going to say that the cavs are going to the finals.. lol the pacers should’ve won this and that is a fact..the cavs barely made it out of this series lol and I mean barely so they stand no chance against the raptors and no im not a lebron hater..just cause I dont worship the ground he walks on does not mean i’m a hater

    • m says:

      You know someone’s retarded when they start saying shit like “should’ve won”
      Learn what a sport is, dumbass

    • How do I Say goodbye #21-0 says:

      Love how you use “lol” yet you salty af, you think the Pacers stand a better chance against the Raptors than the Cavs? Stop hating and stfu. Cavs won, Pacers went home quit crying

    • How do I Say goodbye #21-0 says:

      Tyler Dennis literally every comment complimenting lebrons performance you’re there hating and liking your own comments typing paragraphs. Stfu and quit crying, salty lebron hater

    • Cold Flame says:

      Raptors always choke when they face LeBron it’s just a fact

    • Maxwell Wilson says:

      Ima cavs fan what he is saying is true facts

  10. WaTTaRa9 says:

    Where is the flop of “the king” ?

  11. Frank Medrocillo says:

    Cavs will. 4-3

  12. little man1981 rich man says:

    Cavs gonna final this year no doubt because Pacers is toughest in the East

  13. Fadumo Ahmed says:

    this raptors year

    • Tyler Dennis says:

      Fadumo Ahmed ya there is no way the cavs are making it past the raptors..i wouldn’t be surprised if they got swept

  14. ogeday güç says:

    And cavs won.

  15. Jaime Palomino says:

    The cavs and the refs win.

  16. Пирожочек Пирожочковый says:

    Ну ебаный ты врот!

  17. Daily Foodie says:

    Whatever it takes

  18. Jude Sullano says:

    y this trendkng with 105k views

  19. Andre Kolberg says:

    why is this trending?

  20. Ader Family Homeschoolers says:

    keep your eye on the prize

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