4 Logical Paradoxes!!

4 Logical Paradoxes!!

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Just wanted to say a quick thank you. If you follow my personal channel (http://youtube.com/jakerawr) you know the past 3 months have been pretty weird. Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for watching!

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Written, directed, edited and hosted by Jake Roper

Cinematography/VFX by Eric Langlay

Sound Design by Jay Pellizzi and Jared Tuttle

Vsauce1: http://youtube.com/vsauce1
Vsauce2: http://youtube.com/vsauce2
DONG: http://youtube.com/DONG
WEsauce: http://youtube.com/wesauce

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20 Responses

  1. Kuntowijoyo Kuntowijoyo says:

    yeahhh.. finally you come back, I tried to submit my android game “The Twin
    Bird” for AAK two days ago, but the mail rejected automatically, then I
    check the discussion on vsauce3 channel I hear that you has sarcoma cancer
    get well soon jack ! and keep make awesome videos !

  2. DreadLord64 says:

    Wait, jake has cancer? I thought he just broke his leg. Well, Get well
    soon, we all hope for the best!

  3. Raykkie says:

    Jake dying at the end of an episode just got way more meta.

  4. Aetos says:


  5. Tom Renegade says:

    he went full jaden smith on the end. Still an amazing video though!

  6. Gab D says:

    Great video, Jake! So happy to see you’re back :D

  7. Shawn Lu says:

    I consider this irrelevant. It’s like a asymptote in calculus.

  8. Tiqon TP says:

    Do you actually have cancer?

  9. Aktion Reaktion says:

    Vsauce is the best Youtube ChanneLs one youtube overalle !! You’re doing
    such a great job

  10. Prorogon - Lord of the Jags says:

    It’s so great to see you working so hard even though you’re in a shitty
    sitution :)

  11. Predz says:

    Great job bae <3

  12. CubeMasterXD says:

    You have cancer for real?

  13. Gabriela Gonçalves says:

    OMG! So glad you are ok! Thank YOU for posting, I missed this so much

  14. Omniscient Being says:

    I was wondering why you weren’t posting any videos recently. now I know,
    sorry to hear of your condition brother. are you getting better?

  15. Amanda Riviera says:

    I had an existential crisis exactly like this a couple of years ago when I
    realised I didn’t believe in souls anymore.

    When all of our cells and thoughts change over time, what part of us
    remains us? Especially when we can even change our names and our
    relationships. Nothing. We change. But this is why people hold onto their
    core beliefs so tenaciously and at times lash out when we try to get them
    to challenge those beliefs. This is also why people hold onto the concept
    of souls; the idea that there is something within them that is permanent.

    I think what it comes down to is entity. Over time, as everything in me
    changed, the new cells, thoughts, etc. got assimilated into the entity that
    I know as me.

    Like a company. A company can change the people within it, it can change
    the physical building it is in, it can change its name, its branding, what
    it provides and what it stands for. But we still view it as the same
    company. Even if it works hard to change its reputation. The same goes for
    countries. The people change, the natural aspects change (even if some take
    longer to change than others), the use of it changes, the name changes. Is
    the United Kingdom the same country as it was in the 1300s? No. It just
    occupies a similar space relative to the landmasses around it and has a
    mostly similar landmass itself (countries clearly change over longer
    periods of time, so maybe comparing it to prehistoric times would make more
    sense here).

  16. backforward2007 says:

    rally cancer?

  17. Ody Liagkas says:

    LOL its funny cause EVERY single paradox you mention has gone through my
    mind in the past 2 years :P

  18. backforward2007 says:

    oh thanks god

  19. Medman119 says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! Great video!

  20. Ahmet Can Vargün says:

    full version of the song in 6:20 please