#4: Patrick Mahomes (QB, Chiefs) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

#4: Patrick Mahomes (QB, Chiefs) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

Kansas City Chief’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes comes in at number 4 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2019 as voted on by his peers.

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68 Responses

  1. Son Of Drake says:

    If anyone was to dethrone Tom at number 1. It should have been this guy. Wow, NFL players are some haters.

  2. SaucyX4 • says:

    Not gonna lie Drew my favorite player ever in history but I thought he would be a spot or two behind mahomes at #1.

    • Reality Utube Tv says:

      Yea ikr, Drew Brees had a crazy great season, but imo no other qb was playing like Mahomes last season. I would of expected Mahomes to be at the #2 spot behind Aaron Donald and then Brees #3 or #4.

    • TheWhiteWhale says:

      Mahomes is my favorite player, and it’s fine. This is player voted and about more than 1 season. IT’s not like Mahomes won’t be topping this list more often than not over the next decade. He’s legit. Mega-badass.

    • Skip Bayless says:

      King Brady walked into arrowhead and SLAPPED Mathomes woman on the ass and said make me a steak medium-rare………….

    • WeShowYou39071319 says:

      Skip Bayless and I walked into your sisters bedroom slapped her on the ass and made her a cream pie

  3. Andres Uribe says:

    Wait what how is mahomes not number 1 after taking the league by storm in his second year, taking his team the AFC championship, winning mvp with 50 touchdowns and 5000 yards? If not mahomes then peterman needs to be number 1

    • Chuck Deuces says:

      Mahomes gave KC hope again, was a coin flip from the super bowl, and he had one of the best QB seasons in NFL history. Don’t worry tho, Drew Brees had a better year. #sarcasm

    • Marshmello Gaming says:

      @Chuck Deuces Respect Brees he doesn’t go out there to play for nothing

    • WeShowYou39071319 says:

      Marshmello Gaming wtf is that supposed to mean. You think every player in the league isn’t playing for something

    • Marshmello Gaming says:

      @WeShowYou39071319 well there talking trash about Drew Brees a QB who’s won a Superbowl and broken so many records

  4. Go Lluminati says:

    First season starting:
    50 TDs
    5000 yrds
    Conference championship appearance
    Wins MVP

    NFL: No. 4
    Pat: Am I a joke to you?

  5. Sebastian Hockersmith says:

    50 touchdowns 5000+ yards and mvp but no top 3 what a joke man

  6. S3VYR_Ogiyy says:

    I’m not gonna lie im a mega patriots fan but this man should be #2 or #1

  7. Scuba Steve says:

    Chiefs got somebody special AND a special team. Gonna be a fun season this year ?

  8. Dummy Thicc says:

    The fact that he isn’t #1 is disgusting. Screw everyone that voted for drew Brees over the MVP of the league. Screw yall man he was better in the playoffs too

    • Skip Bayless says:

      Let me know WHO WON don’t care about anything else

    • Marshmello Gaming says:

      @Lamuel J Sackson I respect Mahomes but Brees played longer and broken so many records and has a Superbowl as myself a Saints fan Mahomes is the 2nd best QB in the league give the guy time

    • Dummy Thicc says:

      Skip Bayless This isn’t about consistency this is about who beSt this season. Cam sucked in 2016 but won #1 player because he was great in 2015

    • Marshmello Gaming says:

      @Skrilla Forilla yes Brees was with a 13-3 record stupid if you know NFL

    • TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn says:

      Dxxminique Do you mean biased? If you gonna laugh at the fool, don’t look like a clown doin’ it, my guy.

  9. Christopher Higgins says:

    Do I like it for Mahomes or dislike it cause he was robbed?

  10. zeeshanbv1 says:

    This is how many people think Mahomes should have been higher

    • any sports highlights buddy says:

      should of been #1

    • Brandon L says:

      that was just…disrespectful

    • Kirkland Brown says:

      Well see what he does after theirs tape on him.

    • mela della says:

      Last time i check didn’t Mahomes light up Aaron Donald and that Rams defense to the tune of 51 points and if Mahomes had any semblance of a defense that would have been a blowout victory for the Chiefs. The point is Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the league and it should end there, in order to be the BEST player in the league you need to have the ability to singlehandedly carry your team to victory and that calls for putting POINTS on the Board. I can assure you Aaron Donald teammates would have gladly traded him in the Super Bowl for a Patrick Mahomes since they couldn’t score more than 3 points.

    • Spicy King says:

      How was Drew Brees higher than Mahomes, the MVP, in 2019?

  11. OFFICERRampage says:

    Patrick Mahomes should be higher than any QB, pretty dumb rankings

    • PinkSalad Inhaler says:

      @Nathan Keck Also, getting back to my argument on game film. I’m not sure why you instantly bring up the AFC champ game, but look at his yards after their bye week. After week 14 he didn’t get over 300 yards the rest of the season, that’s even including post season. The ball is in your court, my friend.

    • Nathan Keck says:

      PinkSalad Inhaler that’s fair and I’m not arguing that Hill was a beast for him, but Mahomes threw TDs to 12 different players last year, and Hill only had 12 of the 50 TDs. Kelce only had another 10, so even between the 2 of them, they didn’t have even half of his TD passes. Besides the fact that some of those TD throws were amazing throws to those receivers (whether arm angle or distance), Mahomes was more than just throwing a bomb to Hill all year. I’m not gonna say Hill isn’t a beast or that he’s not part of the reason Mahomes had success, but to say that’s the only reason is a little ridiculous. The fact is, Mahomes had a great offense last year (tribute to Reid for that), but he’s what made it great. There wasn’t much difference between last year’s offensive weapons and the offensive weapons from 2017(-18). But the offense was better when Mahomes replaced Smith (who was still fairly good in ‘17). I agree Mahomes has a lot to prove, but to say that 5000 and 50 isn’t note-worthy or that it was all on his weapons simply is ridiculous.

    • PinkSalad Inhaler says:

      @Nathan Keck You’re right, that’s no small feat, but I think we all need to hold our horses on him being #1 or even #4 for that matter. I have a feeling his numbers will drop big next year, but I’m excited to be proven wrong.

    • PinkSalad Inhaler says:

      I think you’re down sizing my game film argument. People make their careers from watching film. Look at Brady for example, that dude goes over every single detail 1,000 times over, then another 1,000 times. He studies defenses like he’s a offensive coordinator. Aaron Donald, on track to becoming the greatest DT ever, lives on game film. Every single defensive player in the NFL will tell you that game film is everything. Do you remember a DB (forgot who it was, i think it was Talib, or Ramsey) talked about Lamar Jackson being good because there was 0 game film? Everyone on that talk show was in agreement that game film, on a QB especially, is literally everything.

    • Zack Hayes says:

      Mr Filo you are an idiot lol

  12. Trying to get 1000 subs with no videos ! says:

    This is disrespectful. Mahomes should be in the top 3

  13. 804 Nino says:

    How do you throw 50 TDS and 5000+ yards and be ranked at 4 ?!? smh

  14. Abraham Esteva says:

    MVP!!! 5000 yards 50 TD, only Payton Manning has done that. Shame he is not number 1

  15. Drew Johnson says:

    Mvp not even the top QB on the list? Seems questionable

  16. Marcelo Soprano says:

    NFL players who voted Mahomes at No.4 you should be a shamed of yourselves. All of you should not vote at all next year.

    Mahomes is this years Top 100 number one player.

    Absolutely higher then Brees.

    This list IS GARBAGE !!!!!

  17. Devman Boy says:

    Khalil Mack should NOT be higher than this man.

  18. Lance S says:

    Patrick Mahomes should be the number 1 ranked QB on the top 100 bruh

  19. Luis Cervantes says:

    the chiefs now have the most talented QB in the league they just need to improve their defense, by being more specific, their secondary.

  20. NBN Chan says:

    I’m not no Chief fan but I had him going 1st or 2nd

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