4 tips in 60 second short video #shorts

4 tips in 60 second short video #shorts

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  1. Drew says:

    Would there not be a gap on the other end of that plank once you tighten this one? Or is the other end against the wall under the base board?

    • Corn Pop says:

      @Steel Pinnings shoe is usually 1/2 inch. I know they make smaller shoe, but your basic shoe mold is half inch. and baseboard is usually 3/4. I do a *LOT* of it.

    • joseph10d says:

      Flooring isn’t tight against the walls and there is baseboard over the gap to make it look flush. It’s installed with small gaps to allow the laminate to expand and contract when the temperature changes.

    • NHK LM says:

      I feel like you could just use a flooring jack. It has to be under something if they’re going through the trouble of using this method. Though anyone I know would just kick it in or something if that was the case.

    • Rebecca says:

      That’s what I was wondering.

    • Phillin Ya Girl says:

      You need a gap from the wall, and yes base board covers it but this was totally unnecessary, just need the proper tools.

  2. Christopher Salazar says:

    Can you please make a video on how to repair a broken relationship? 🥺

    • D 24 says:

      You don’t need any video. You need audio. Just call

    • Reaper Queen says:


    • Willy Ames says:

      take CeeLo Greens advice and say “forget you”

    • Zack W says:

      Haven’t you read the comments, this method is inefficient, most craftsman just kick the wooden board forward and into place. The same technique should work for your relationship.

    • Nicholas says:

      Talk about it, tell eachother what you’re both lacking from each other and ask yourselves if you’re willing to compromise or do what it takes to fulfill each other’s needs. If not, just move on

  3. Devan Paulson says:

    As a floor installer this is just stupid you just kick the board back into place that simple lmao

    • Devan Paulson says:

      Yeah some of these videos make me think twice about who i hire if i seen somebody putting a chisel to a floor i just put in I’d be lowkey upset and they’d probably be fired js theres better and easier ways of fixing things but I guess that comes with experience figuring that out yk? Lol

    • michael grebyonkin says:

      @Devan Paulsonlol I use a chisel when it comes to installing 2”1/4 cheap bs oak hardwood when it’s bowed. I take a chisel and nail it in to the sub floor along side the tongue and pull back to straighten out the board before I nail it with the Cleat gun.

    • Devan Paulson says:

      @michael grebyonkin I can see that but like this guy did with his chisel id say is completely unacceptable. Yeah jes being careful but last I checked a chisel normally isnt dull and if you slip and gouge the floor now you gotta pull and replace that board and that involves removing every piece before it to even get it right

    • Sia says:

      Not a floor installer but I can confirm I have done that plenty of times

  4. Dissect Corpse says:

    He makes it seem like it’s so easy with all that editing.

  5. Ma Sha says:

    Dude, you can solve this problem be kicking the wood puiece with you heel into the right direction xD
    No hammering needed…

  6. Andrew Maslin says:

    Just kick the first board forward haha, if you’re getting gaps like that though after installation it’s not been fitted right. Also just buy a sliding Bevel for the second one 👀

  7. Corn Pop says:

    dude, on the first one just tap it with a hammer and beater block from the back. and the second one just use a T bevel. it’s really not that complicated. that’s why us dummies do this kind of work for a living lol.

  8. Ragnarok says:

    Reminds me of the time my friend made what he called “a carpet candle” in the middle of my floor…

  9. GameRusher says:

    The first one is all good until you realise that it’s pulled from the other side😂😂

  10. Maya Gutiérrez says:

    Imagine gluing something to your expensive varnished wooden floor and then removing the glue with a scraper lmao. Guaranteed damage and a gap at the other end, but hey at least you shifted it back into place in the most cumbersome way possible.

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