40 Feet Weather Balloon Overfilled + Slow motion

40 Feet Weather Balloon Overfilled + Slow motion

I am not satisfied the way weather balloon popped so I think I am going to make part 2 video ones I get more weather balloons.

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20 Responses

  1. Boerkoe Boerkoe says:

    Why is he always in breath problem?

  2. Jaiden Wagner says:

    DIY shoe Cleaner I made it! and I works I promise! if you guys would like
    to know how to reply to this comment and say yes. and I will let you know
    when I post the video or when I’m about to

  3. Eli666Ms says:

    ahah!!! he stole a tit from Woody Allen’s movie “Everything You Always
    Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask” (Y)

  4. Pet Mez says:

    You should fill the weather balloon with water…. but that would waste a
    bunch of water so probs not.

  5. fluffy01902 aj says:

    It looked like bubble gum when you blow a bubble and it pops

  6. OVT says:

    When will you go to my channel you will find a bag of money!

  7. OVT says:

    *if you come to my channel and watch the video you will find a bag with

  8. MT N says:

    He shops at the same condom store I do.

  9. mi5aki bOss says:

    imagine a weather balloon filled with hydrogen, just think of the fireball
    that would make lol

  10. Camila Birriel says:

    What does he say in the beginning?

  11. Caolan Leonard says:

    Use water now ??

  12. Life Hacks says:

    +crazy russian hacker try to solve the rubiks cube

  13. FlameBlaze says:

    Please fill this with water like if u agree

  14. Bonster TV says:

    the average russian condom

  15. jennifer wan says:

    I think it’s a awesome experiment but it’s horrible to the environment

  16. AmazingAmazing says:

    Fill it with water

  17. immamoon says:

    Hello everybody and welcome to my baloyratory where safety is number 1

  18. Daniel R says:


  19. Thomas Doran says:

    Weather balloon, don’t you mean every 12 y/o on the Internet condom?

  20. Refrigerated Glass says:

    12 year olds: That’s the size of my condoms.