40 SNL’s – SNL 40th Anniversary Special

40 SNL’s – SNL 40th Anniversary Special

SNL cast member Kyle Mooney interviews people on the street about their favorite SNL memories ahead of the 40th anniversary.

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20 Responses

  1. Molly Q says:

    YAY! Kyle good job!!!

  2. bshaoulian says:


  3. kylenocare says:

    If you havent, go find Kyles youtube channel and watch the sports video and
    his other interviews. He is hilarious! Thats so sad for my team and me!!!

  4. bicooo1 . says:

    this was the only skit from the episode that made me giggle

  5. iBrews says:


  6. Elizabeth Endara says:

    Sad that Mikey Ritters isn’t alive to come to the 40th, he would have loved

  7. Kyle Brouillard says:

    I love his ability to make me feel awkward while I watch this.

  8. chunkblower911 says:

    More of this guy!

  9. TheSeaBase says:


  10. Jessi Popp says:

    Welcome to the reptile convention.

  11. Tanner Calcagno says:

    standing outside of 30 rock and not knowing what SNL is…

  12. Greg Poblete says:

    Kyle’s always good for a chuckle 

  13. Dylan R says:

    You’re on thin ice, Kyle! 

  14. Sarah Donze says:

    OBSESSED. Omg SO GLAD they brought back Kyle’s classic interviews!!!! I
    could watch them all day. And do. 

  15. Chris Swindler says:

    Kyle’s humor is the future if snl. I can always tell when he helped put a
    skit together because I actually laugh at it. Can’t wait for kyle to land a
    lead in a movie, we all know its coming. 

  16. lilyluvsgreys says:

    God I love him! 

  17. MrUrynowicz says:

    Should let Kyle do his old shit. Purp skurp.

  18. Swellers says:

    Classic kyle! 

  19. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Lives in Los Angeles; knows not to walk by 30 Rock without knowing snl or
    the tonight show

  20. Megan Meints says:

    Love this guy. One of my favorite new cast members!