454 Days: Understanding America’s Ridiculous Political Campaigns

454 Days: Understanding America’s Ridiculous Political Campaigns

In which John explores why he is not (yet) interested in the so-called Presidential Race, and discusses the U.S.’s campaign length in the context of other democracies. Side note that I couldn’t fit into the video: The media is heavily invested in longer campaigns, because those campaigns buy ads on cable news (and on YouTube). I’ll discuss that in another video. But for now, rest safe in the knowledge that I will not mention Donald Trump (or any other Presidential candidate in the 2016 Presidential election) until, like, 2016.

Thanks to Rosianna for the research help: http://youtube.com/rosianna
If you’re interested in this stuff and would like to know more, here are a couple good articles to read:
Our elections are too long: http://mic.com/articles/3649/the-2012-presidential-election-is-too-long
How Presidential Campaigns Became Two Year Marathons: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/17/upshot/how-presidential-campaigns-became-two-year-marathons.html?_r=1

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