#47: Juju Smith-Schuster (WR, Steelers) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

#47: Juju Smith-Schuster (WR, Steelers) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

Pittsburgh Steeler’s wide receiver, Juju Smith-Schuster comes in at number 47 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2019 as voted on by his peers.

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59 Responses

  1. Mirsab Faiz says:

    Better than ab cause he ain’t cancer in the locker room

    • The Official Baller says:

      AB fans gettin salty lmao.

    • Blitz Pack says:

      @Sauce Money naw all juju gotta do in my book is show up, show out and produce thru the course of many full seasons and help get us to the bowl and shine there then id say yeah this boy better then ab

    • Anthony Russell says:

      He got those numbers because AB was getting doubled . He is nice for sure though!

  2. Kell Duan says:

    That catch he made against the Bengals was absolutely insane

  3. Maurice King says:

    Juju is such a chill guy

  4. The Name Changer says:

    Juju is one of the nicest guys out there. One of my favorite NFL players

  5. Lexington Leffall says:

    Nicest player in the NFL, hands down

  6. Kenny Cai says:

    I don’t like the Steelers, but I sure as hell can respect the organization and their knack for finding wideout talent. From Hines Ward to Antonio Brown, Juju is just the next in line. I hope he has a strong and productive career ahead. Take good care of him, Steelers. You have a gem of a player in your hands.

    • Brandon Thomas says:

      U skipped over Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders etc

    • Kenny Cai says:

      @Brandon Thomas Can’t name everyone. My bad, but also shows how well the Steelers have drafted and nurtured wideouts.

    • Zack Amig says:

      With ab and bell gone and juju and Conner stepping in we went from the easiest team to hate to one of the hardest. How can anyone not like those guys. Love it

    • Dylan Holman says:

      Zack Amig plenty of ppl still gonna hate on Ben and Tonmlin

  7. Zäytoven 3 says:

    Tomlin: …when they can’t TaCkLe you…”

    • ZealKingdom says:

      When the Steelers can’t tackle opposing wideouts, Tomlin steps out on the field to get in their way.

    • ThanosButthole says:

      Tomlin a tackling problem too

    • Ritvik Shah says:

      I remember that. Honestly, Tomlin used to be a good hc. Now he is mediocre at best. Tomlin only won a SB with Lebou’s (not sure if I spelled it right) defense. Ben is a HOF talent but he needed that defense. Btw I am a Steelers fan (cuz I live in Pittsburgh)

    • Agent.M Tui says:

      Ritvik Shah i totally agree I like Tomlin but that SB team was not built by him. Still a decent HC tho long as we have the browns in our division we won’t be the laughing stock of the NFL! Go STEELERS!✌?

    • Cody Li Roux says:

      @Agent.M Tui Browns ain’t no laughing stock now. The Bengals? Idk bout that.

  8. YEAH IGHT says:

    He’s absolutely the most exciting player on the field.

  9. Pro Odyssey says:

    I remember seeing him do youtube videos with Oprah Sideverson, thats when i realized this guy is the truth! Hes a super chill dude

  10. Carl Williams says:

    Wow that was refreshing! It’s nice to see a player on this list that’s not like “I should be #1”.

  11. James Hartman says:

    Juju’s so humble, unlike the other diva receivers

  12. Mason Radike says:

    The humble award goes to juju cuz we know if ab ain’t top 5 everyone gunna here about it from ab watch it happen too

  13. ITPG Innocent Till Proven Guilty says:

    Watching him play is like watching Madden 19

  14. Matthew Shortle says:

    Juju is my favorite player outside the Rams, but he’s a little too low.

  15. John McCaskill says:

    Juju is definitely one of the guys to watch in the future. As a broncos fan I’m still going to therapy sessions after his 97 yard TD.

  16. Big Slime says:

    I’m a ravens fan and juju is one of my favorite players

  17. JR0752 Gamer says:

    Two of my favorite players in one video, JuJu and Von Miller!

  18. Aaron Ax says:

    Juju is such a chill and good dude.

    But also. Notice how Von memorized the play. STEP BY STEP. He’s. A student of the game.

  19. John Adams says:

    juju stats
    114 rec 1667yrds 11td and top 15 next year

  20. Tray H. says:

    Imagine a conversation between Juju, Gerald McCoy, and Andrew Luck. That amount of positivity there would be hilarious ?

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