49ers vs. Chiefs Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019

49ers vs. Chiefs Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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81 Responses

  1. CODOX says:

    Damien Williams will play like hunt was never even here

    • javi m says:

      He was playing like hunt last year. They didn’t miss a beat.

    • Brannon Meador says:

      I will forever miss that bulldozer on our team no matter how well Williams does

    • Billy Baggerly says:

      Darwin Thompson will be our starting back by mid way through the season

    • Andy Pietrowski says:

      I’m with Billy’s comment. To me it’s just a matter of time until Darwin Thompson takes that job. Damien is decent but Darwin looks special…..like another Kareem Hunt. I don’t play fantasy football but if I did, I’d try to get him.

    • Rejean Flags says:

      Trevon Obiekea you’re dumb if you think hunt is that great

  2. Escocivo 30 says:

    It’s great seeing Garroppolo playing great football again!

    • MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp says:

      David rollins Say “Hurd” like he’s a proven player or somethin

    • Dakota Deal says:

      @Nemo 05 Mahomes got 10 points in a quarter. Jimmy got 13 in a half. And Mahomes got all of his against starters. Jimmy got half his stats and 6 points against backups. Don’t even try to compare Jimmy and Mahomes

    • Eduardo De Dios says:

      dash4800 some teams sign players for what they’ve done and some for what they’ll do, if you knew football, you would know the business aspect too, we’ll see how much you guys pay your QB when it’s his time for a contact and how many rings has he won by then, good luck but you guys couldn’t even beat the damn patriots in your house last year

    • Fab 1210 says:

      dash4800 21 pts is a average overall scores in the nfl. Do your homework buddy. So yes 13 pts In a quarter is actually good lol

  3. Tushar Lanka says:

    Go NINERS! Unfortunate for colts fans, Andrew Luck has a great career wish him the best?

    • Davor Ban says:

      @Donald Trump Jr. X Again please shut it down. 6 times SB winner is not anything special, The GOAT ???
      Mate you need serious help and you cant find it on youtube

  4. Alex DeLisle says:

    Now that’s the Jimmy Garoppolo I know!

    • Alex DeLisle says:

      Ronstopable01 George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Marquise Goodwin, Jordan Matthews?

    • Ronstopable01 says:

      Nik Torres honestly…second tier…which is top 10-15 not bad…as a TRUE NINER FAN…not these..”Jimmy threw 5 picks in practice let’s panic BULLSHITT!!!”…he can elevate to top 10 status… if he continues with his exceptional footwork…will see!…his footwork was excellent today!…

    • Ronstopable01 says:

      S Ceballos no dis to Brady…but he’s ALWAYS had at least one great security blanket every season!…going back to early 2000’s…Brady is #1 year n my book…I love me some Joe..to death…but you can’t argue with 5 rings…n he earned EVERY ONE OF THEM!…no doubt…BRADY IS THE GOAT!…Joes is undefeated in 4 tho!…had to throw that in!…lol

    • Mike Gilardino says:

      seems like the Chiefs havent fixed their defense yet

    • Yeh says:

      #1 Jeffyfan without jimmy these receivers would be nobodies

  5. Jonathan Mendrin says:

    Outrage when Jimmy G has a bad game and practice and now when he balls out you hear “it’s preseason” ?‍♂️

    • Riley McMonigle says:

      @Ninersx18 I think people nit pick cuz there are so many 49ers fans who are saying Jimmy is a God and is going to be the next tom Brady when he is probably going to just be meh.

    • Shaun Strong says:

      True i was waiting to see some pornstar jimmy comments but now its he backed up brady.

    • The Truth says:

      It’s because he’s done so bad in the preseason and practice that whatever he do doesn’t matter he have to show me in the regular season that’s how bad he’s been playing

    • Gary Potter says:

      @Ninersx18 that was implied with my comment?

    • Hanz C says:

      I need to see Jimmy one full season before I can make any opinions on whether he sucks or not.

  6. DJ Whitlock says:

    Never thought a pre season game could be so loud ??‍♂️

  7. DZsquid says:

    As a seahawks fan, I’m genuinely scared of the Niners, Jimmy G shows so much potential, good luck to you guys. Chiefs looked great too. Both teams has much potential

  8. Smiley Cruz says:

    Garroppolo looks great im glad hes doing better alot more confident and solid passes ..mullins looking great as well ..cant wait for regular season ..GO NINERS ITS A EMPIRE NOT A NATION ?

  9. RK Belmont says:

    As a Niners fans, I’ll forever be thankful with the Chiefs for stealing Mahomes from the Cardinals. Glad that guy is far away from the division.

    • Theo Solipo says:

      RK Belmont I know right! It’s already enough to deal with Russell Wilson and Goff ??

    • Timothy Washington says:

      RK Belmont The rumor was that the Saints were going to take him, so they jumped up at 10 and took him before the Saints could at 11 but in a way I’m glad they did and my Saints grabbed Lattimore and the domino effect went on for that whole 2017 draft!

    • CM T3 says:

      Von dee Gaming oh dear god

    • NinjaPetee says:

      @Theo Solipo With Sherman healthy and a revamped defensive line the 49ers should keep those QBs in check.

  10. 3 threezy says:

    Jimmy G haven’t missed a step ??

    • AWorldWithoutTenors says:

      He looked pretty rusty and just a little bit out of sync with his receivers, but he’s definitely getting closer to being back to where he needs to be.

  11. Arvin TheMan says:

    LETS GO BOYS!! Finally the 49ers are coming back together!! Proud to be a 49ers Fan ??

  12. Joe Dirt says:

    Die hard 9er fan here best of luck to Andrew Luck wish em the best

  13. Jacob Wang says:

    Glad to see not only Grappolo survive, but Wishnowski not having to make a tackle, unlike in Denver on Monday

  14. Max Schuman says:

    so can espn chill with the garoppolo panic now?

  15. Jesus Rangel says:

    Does anyone else feel that Matt Brieda could be our starter!!!

    • Mario Martinez says:

      @iNomadCamp yeah I did forgot we had got him ?‍♂️

    • blksamri says:

      I mean, he was our starter all last year and only slowed down because of injury. But damn, he looked FAST and strong tonight, hard to tackle. And that diving TD catch? Looking like he’s taken his game to the NEXT LEVEL.

    • CHRS MRVL says:

      Matt is dangerous

    • Daniel Andre says:

      Breida and Coleman will both share starting duties. Then when McKinnon comes back, all 3 will share the duties. Not one RB will be the certified #1 starter.

    • Brother Hobbs El says:

      I was thinking the same thing ,, i think hes the best in that backfield and deserves to be the starter,, he looks better than he did last season and he was awesome for us then… Superbowl ringS here we come baby!!

  16. Roy Vice says:

    Man, Nick Mullens is the man!!! As a Niner fan, this is the first time I’ve ever liked a backup QB so much! Lol. And Garoppollo looks to be getting back in rhythm!

  17. David Williams says:

    I hope 49ers are start off 3-0 in the regular season

  18. john doe says:

    People doubting shanny’s opinion about Jimmy was funny. Tonight Jimmy got his confidence back at the same place he lost it.. good riddance Jimmy! 9ers looking tough! 9ers squad looking deep. Beware nfc west

  19. Vladpryde says:

    Much better performance by Jimmy! Let’s hope he can keep it up!

  20. Derek Davis says:

    3:44 Joe Staley laying that same block he gave for Alex Smith on that QB sweep against the Saints in the playoffs lol

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