49ers vs. Rams NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

49ers vs. Rams NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

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42 Responses

  1. Scenic Fights says:

    Odell Beckham Jr. and Matthew Stafford finally make it to the Superbowl. I hope Rams vs Bengals remain just as exciting as every other playoff game this year.

    • Greg says:

      @double M Cry me a river! Loser.

    • greasedog says:

      @R B Yee!Cincinnati isn’t in the same state like San Francisco is. Not gonna be as easy to bum rush SoFi.

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    • Brent Parker says:

      I hope the Rams win by 30. I dunno if my heart can handle another nail biter lol.

    • My Life Is A Lie says:

      @Sour Deisel So did Larry Fitzgerald but he didn’t stop trying just so he could go to a better team

  2. Craig Paulson says:

    I’ve been a Lions fan for 40 years and I’ve always said “If the Lions can’t make it to the Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford at quarterback it could be another 50 years before they get there” CONGRATS Stafford, Rams, and their fans.

    • Ty Leyden says:


    • Sydney Kenney says:

      @49er Faithful there were many dropped plays that could have changed the game so no excuses.

    • Dmo K says:

      @49er Faithfulbro so what he still made a play after that to get the W. It’s not like he was protecting a lead lol he still had to drive and score. Dropped picks happen all the time and on both sides. Ramsey dropped a pick and then what did Jimmy g do?

    • Ravi Bhatti says:

      Have you always been saying that?!??

    • Flint Truth Channel says:

      Who would waste their time or money watching the NFL rigged, Scripted NFL. It’s Classified legally as Entertainment for a reason. They are tricking you. You know hoodwinking you…

      Wake up. They are all FREEMASONIC satanic actors.-!!!

      Sheep love their bread and circuses

  3. Kazzy Official says:

    This is my first year watching the NFL….and these playoffs have been incredible. This league is SO GOOD

    • godblessAll says:

      @Ken Davis I finally just took my time and read everything you said and you get what i mean? But i cannot feel any type of way about you and anybody that does is weird and should never feel offended by somebody that’s doesn’t understand what they do or try to bash them you on here calling people names or trying to down them just because they is different from you and actually took time out to research i can clearly see and most can the way you talk and the way you dissing strangers for having a different point of view from you? Shows how u really feel deep down inside sir it’s to many low vibrations in this world your the type of guy to believe every single thing the news,the president,the media,the celebrities tell you without even bothering to sew if it’s any truth to anything they saying your type so i get why your so confused and lost and I even explained who made up the term “conspiracy theory” and you can look that up also yet you saying and using terms and don’t know the true meaning behind it go learn go read and i hope eventually oneday you stop listening to trends or the media and actually botherin feeding your brain yaself 2022 is crazy and next year gone be worser Find the truth before when life is over you will hate that u never bothered that all you done with your whole life is believe anything somebody else told you get it together that guy done nothing wrong you but speak his opinion same how you doing same i hope within this year you become a better person cause thats very strange to me how u people will attack somebody that you never met and assume (how they talk,how they txt,how they pfp look,) you know they whole background story and they life the internet is strange and filled with strange people i never get into these type of things I mind my business but i seen your comments having questions and the person was taking to long to respond i didn’t know your next comment will be this rude attacking him and others for just having a different outlook on life then you do never again will I get myself in a toxic feed cause i don’t want that type of energy rubbing on to me i hope u have an amazing day💕💯

    • rebel reaper 88 says:

      All they are is a bunch of over paid cry babies lol

    • Paul says:

      I’ve been watching the NFL for over 50 years and it doesn’t get better than this season – amazing.

    • Killicks says:

      @JayTor2112 no one has sympathy for you and no one cares get over it old man

  4. DanMan says:

    I can’t help but feel happy for Stafford . It only took him one season with a competent team to make the Super Bowl. He has just as many Super Bowl appearances as Aaron Rodgers now🤣

    • MightyJosho4 says:

      As a packer fan, I’ve always known Stafford was a GREAT QB. Just kn the wrong team

    • HBG313 says:

      @Ty Nao he got carried…. sigh

    • Max says:

      @Kai Malik read again there is no hate

    • beachhunting69 says:

      @Max As a life long Rams fan of 40+ years, the only reason the Rams made it to the SB with Goff is because of probably the worst non call in the history of the NFL and the idiotic play calling of Sean Peyton late in the game. No way the Rams should have been in that SB.

      Put Stafford in that SB and they have a chance to win. Because Stafford would not have been afraid to make the throws that Goff should have made in that SB. McVay had lots of great plays called that had Cooks open deep, and Goff never pulled the trigger. For better or worse, Stafford would have pulled the trigger.

      I believe right after that game, McVay realized Goff was not the guy to QB his team.

      It’s too bad Goff had to endure hell under Fisher his first few years. If he had McVay as coach day 1, he may have been different in that SB.

    • Kai Malik says:

      @Max jesus you hate so much huh. It takes a team to win. Get that through yalls skull. Whats up with this fetish that the QB is supposed to be the one to do everything himself?

  5. Варвара Каминская says:

    Odell Beckham Jr. and Matthew Stafford finally make it to the Superbowl. I hope Rams vs Bengals remain just as exciting as every other playoff game this year.

  6. Carson Claws says:

    Matthew Stafford is going to the super bowl. I’ve never thought I’d ever hear those words together in the same sentence and I couldn’t be happier for him. -Lifelong lions fan

    • Cyber Hype says:

      of course the NFL puts the LA team in…

      It’s an exclusive club and Detroit NEVER will get to go

    • Mark W says:

      @Metal Detroit , Dude they had Stafford, Johnson and a decent defense. They were not that bad but they were not that good. They actually had a really good defense for a few years

    • Dave Clark says:

      Was Matt ignorant of the play clock when played for the Lions too?

    • Tommy D says:

      I always pull for the Lions to win, and I’m a Rams fan. It’s long overdue for your team to win a super bowl.

  7. Dz Nutz says:

    Being a Detroit Lions fan, Im happy for Matt Stafford. He just proved to the whole world that he was NOT the problem to the Lions being a dysfunctional franchise.

    • Drew Drew says:

      @Dave Clark Todd Gurley and the Rams Defense lead them to the Super Bowl. Look at Goff once Gurley was hurt. Goff didn’t produce

    • W Strauss says:

      @Dave Clark That has nothing to do with the point made. Goff and Stafford can both be good – the point wasn’t about the Rams, it was about the Lions. The Lions are indeed dysfunctional with supporting evidence being (while Stafford there) lack of defense, no decent RB, can’t win with either QB, and a rotating door at coach. Stafford is still showing he is an effective QB. You basically made the guy’s point – two different QBs can lead the Rams to SB, Lions couldn’t win with either one, so the difference is the organization OTHER THAN QB

    • jaydee modelski says:

      @Dave Clark 🧂🧂🧂

    • Dave Clark says:

      Pump the brakes. Jared Goff got the Rams to a Super Bowl. He just couldn’t win it. Both QBs have shown they can lead the Lions to Last Place.

  8. Randy Rawding II says:

    So happy for Stafford. Pats fan but I’ve always respected how Stafford would play HIS HEART OUT with the Lions, get blasted every other play and still almost win so many big games while playing on terrible teams. Good for him. He’s always had the right attitude and the heart of a champion. Both these SB teams have been great fun to watch!

  9. The Blank Productions says:

    I want Stafford to get his first, I want Burrow to win his first. This is the first time I am totally happy with the Super Bowl. I just hope it’s a close game, and both teams score above 20.

  10. Zex Golic says:

    This season was great, playoffs AMAZING! I am a NFL fan, not just one team, everything!!!

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