49ers vs. Texans Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

49ers vs. Texans Highlights | NFL 2018 Preseason Week 2

The San Francisco take on the Houston Texans during Week 2 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

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109 Responses

  1. #H-Town4Life! #Texans #Rockets #Astros! says:


  2. Marshawn Lynch says:

    Great win for us, I see the Texans making the playoffs easily.

  3. Latuhr says:

    49ers vs Refs. Gg refs.

  4. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT says:

    49ers and Texans>daLLas cowgirLs

    • Bass Games says:

      GIO R. The Texans never made it to the Superbowl let alone an Afc Championship game

    • Jonathan M. says:

      Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#KissMeLikeMySon#WOAT , facts af , i’m not a 49ers fan just a texans fan but i love the way the 49ers play and all that , 49ers and Texans > Cowgirls 👍🏼

    • Americas Team Best in the NFL #DC4L says:

      Jonathan M. Nope this is a fact Cowboys > 40whiners Texans

    • ThatOneGuy ThatOneWoman says:

      GIO R. Lol u got that from David Akers but except he said “last time the cowboys were in the super bowl these draft picks weren’t even born”

  5. AKay says:

    Glad to see that Watson hasn’t lost a step. Looking Foward to seeing him show out this season.

    • AKay says:

      Thank you !! Glad to see somebody gets it.

    • julian randolph says:

      CAPN CRUNCH U Stanford been running around on 2 fake knees for years.

    • CAPN CRUNCH U says:

      AKay Really like your first comment. For some reason they compare Deshaun to RG3 just because he can run and had a good rookie season. People just like doubting him I guess. That’s okay though. Let’s ignore assumptions and just watch.

    • Mad Willionaire says:

      “He’s the next RG3 of the AFC” is the most retarded comment this season and the season hasn’t even officially started yet. lmao

    • Dasani says:

      Akay lol you make no sense at all. RG3 was a scrambling QB who ran into hits left and right. Watson is a “mobile” QB who looks to extend plays with his feet and does an amazing job sliding and avoiding big hits. Something RG3 couldnt do. Learn some football buddy you can say what you just said about any Qb in the league. And hes already lit up the Patriots before, you act like its some big holy test when he plays them again lol.


    Trade CJ Beathard and make Nick Mullens the 2nd string quarterback he accomplished more in 2 drives than what beathard did the whole game.

    • Truth says:

      KuloTony84 Bro ofcoarse he was good with Young all he needed was Montana to guide him when he was a rookie , Steve young is good too so it didnt matter lol

    • sammmy moreno says:

      hes bad like kap, win one game lose the next two. they need to trade beathard.

    • 49ers Empire says:

      THE GOAT #GAROPPOGOAT #UNDEFEATED #BETTERTHANBRADY Trade cj beathered to Patriots with hoyer so we can have another beast backup player ?😁😁

    • 49ers Empire says:

      John Herzstein he played 1-4 ??? mullens only played till 2:00 warning

    • 49ers Empire says:

      THE GOAT #GAROPPOGOAT #UNDEFEATED #BETTERTHANBRADY they should put cj at 3 string and mullens at 2 string for next week if he dose good week 4 put him string 1 to see what he can do vs starters what i will do cause if jimmy gets injured

  7. Quarzzy says:

    Little upset but great job Texans as a 49ers fan

    • Papi Lasts says:

      Y’all got a good one in jimmy great game

    • Noobsdiee says:

      Wasn’t our starting offense. Our 1-2 rbs are not dressed , kittle our te is hurt and the line is a mess

    • Adrian Anderson says:

      I read somewhere that most did. I know Goodwin caught something tonight, and I thought I saw Kyle Juszczyk catch something first drive. One of the summaries I read said basically you left your corners to recover and played most of the rest. Celek and Garcon played. So McKinnon didn’t play.

    • akir avlis says:

      How did that guy get down but roll his way to the inzone and it was a td??…so if a player falls he can just roll until he stops?? Just a question

    • Negative Alien says:

      Quarzzy thanks bro I believe Jimmy G is about to go off he is the real deal best of luck to ya’ll

  8. Avery Hikina. says:

    Jimmy G is lookin like the real deal 👀

  9. Fun Gamer Fever says:

    GO TEXANS!!! Watson is back and i’m ready for this season! 😀

  10. Wuzi Mu says:

    this was a good preseason game.
    both teams showed good things. both starting QBs looked good.
    i can’t wait to see watson and hopkins, hopkins won’t drop easy passes like that.

    • 49ers Empire says:

      Wuzi Mu i cant wait to see jimmy g to Pierre Gacon he did good to marquise goodwin he did do good in week 14 besides the fumble hopkins

  11. Gregory Lightbody says:

    Deshaun Watson>Dak Prescott

    • Adrian Anderson says:

      That’s a hard comparison to make. Dak has a great O Line, and a great RB. Watson has the worst O Line from 2017, and an ok RB. Watson has better WRs. O Line > WRs? Hard to say….

    • uber lucario says:

      Adrian Anderson just throw it up to hop.he’ll find a way

    • Adrian Anderson says:

      Osweier never could manage that, I think that makes you smarter than him…..

    • Madame Juhan says:

      Adrian Anderson The O line last season struggled and Dal played decent even with Elliot and receivers out.

    • Dasani says:

      Madame Juhan idc how much they’ve struggled, they still have 3 pro bowlers on the line while the texans line was rated the worst O line in the leage.

  12. Steven Cravens says:

    Jimmy G looking sharp as hell. Watson looking great as well. Don’t know why people have to fight about it. Both played well. Gg Texans. Good luck this season!

    • Jorge Cruz says:

      Steven Cravens thanks good luck to you guys to!

    • Adrian Anderson says:

      Remember guys, Jimmy G played against the Texan’s backup defensive players. Very few starters of defense tonight. High completion percentage, but he threw one of our rookies a pick.

    • SupremeBlackKai says:

      Adrian Anderson he didn’t throw one to your rookie it was tipped to him

    • Adrian Anderson says:

      I think I got the guy who grabbed that pick mixed up, he might have been a 2nd year player. I thought it was our new safety from this draft. I was excited he made a play…

    • Ninerfan134 GANG says:

      Adrian Anderson This dude says that he wishes luckk to your team and you hate wtf like literally you guys looked good

  13. HTX 713 says:

    Watson would’ve been 8/8 if those 2 receivers didnt drop they ball💪💯✊✌

  14. Noe Hernandez says:

    Deshaun and Jimmy G future goats of the AFC and NFC

  15. one amazed doggo boi says:

    WOOOOH LETS GOOO!!! When my cable is not working the NFL has the highlights.

  16. Deadpool says:

    Texans are easily the best team in Texas

  17. RicoSuaVe says:

    There’s people who came here simply to see Jimmy G’s smooth throwing motion.

  18. mrslapside says:

    Jimmy g looking like tony romo when he was in his prime.

  19. Jimmy butler says:

    Jimmy vs Watson would be a good superbowl…anyways LetsgoNiners

  20. Mo Salah says:

    I see Watson back to his old ways😅😂😂

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