5 Fork Life Hacks

5 Fork Life Hacks

Glow Sticks Hacks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-grEVExbA4&index=8&list=UUe_vXdMrHHseZ_esYUskSBw

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20 Responses

  1. Victor Lim Pearce says:

    IF you think your key have no place to put, just use a fork and suck it up,
    put it on top of the cabinet. You’re done.

  2. Michelle Valencia says:

    like how he created a scenario where someone woll barge into your door but
    you’ll hear them and prepare a fight lol

  3. sKitZoBonKa says:

    Cool door lock

  4. Mihir Deshpande says:

    this is just awesome

  5. Cpl Jesuz says:

    People say keep this comment at an even number…… If it say 0 ………

  6. Morvic Prime says:

    5:03 “middle slut” lmao

  7. _Frankverde624_ YT says:

    0:13 the cam go to the tit :V

  8. theaccount0 says:

    Stop booming plz

  9. Ford Leones says:

    5:48 what is an emersinchipsy? hahaha.

  10. mufeez45 says:

    BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOOM!! My russian nigga ?

  11. Shashank Laamba says:

    not oxygen just air

  12. Wasim Bhatti says:

    Does anyone notice heart shape at 01:52

  13. BrendanMaxwellMusic says:

    I have genital herpes.I try to be careful….very careful. Then my doctor
    told me something pretty surprising….one study found that up to 70% of
    Russian Hackers has …..Genital herpes.
    Ask your doctor about once daily, Valtrex

  14. gio charkviani says:


  15. SparrowHawkEH says:

    Anyone else see that dent on the wall for the fork lock?

  16. Kal R says:

    Can we keep this comment less than 1000 likes pl

  17. TheDrunkCooks says:

    For the chips id rather just put a peg on it, the oreo one thats old youve
    showed it before, the oil 1 erm no just peel the lid of and pour it out
    slowly, the fork 1 erm no just tell the person ur in there wen u hear them
    coming, the ribbon one..BOOM a bow for a boner

  18. cruzbohy says:

    videos are getting desperate

  19. Lemur&Co says:

    “Wassup evybodi wewcum bak tu ma lablowatloree wyer sayftee iz numer won
    plyolotee” – crazyrussianhacker, 2016

  20. ModdedTalent says:

    This guy is a hero