5 Genius Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

Make Thanksgiving last all week long.

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The Daydream Generator
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


Piece of Pumpkin Pie on a Saucer
AlexMax / Thinkstock.com

Rice krispies
vikif/ Thinkstock.com



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20 Responses

  1. MinecraftSistas says:

    No one ever actually does these buzzfeed videos

  2. Jonathan Frey says:

    I love how precise all the measurements are, then for one of them it’s “add
    one bag of cheese.” And they don’t even show the bag so you can’t even
    guess how much.

  3. Unmasque says:

    Being fat isn’t a hack

  4. Snowy Owl says:

    Sorry to break it to you, but those aren’t sweet potatoes…

  5. Sierra Rose says:

    the last one would be good on thanksgiving

  6. rozagtgt says:

    WHAT The fck is this? SOO OFULL! MEH STAPH

  7. Jennifer F. says:

    I don’t like the type of food served on Thanksgiving. 

  8. Evie CantwellStratta says:

    I call scandal! Sweet potatoes are orange not cream, unless you people
    chemically grow your sweet potatoes then go ahead and ruin the taste. 

  9. Vincent Seidle says:

    When I saw the “leftover” part, I thought maybe it was actual leftover
    food, not having to go buy 19 jngrediants to make some damn food that isnt
    even a leftover

  10. Eva Sideris says:

    Wait I thought sweet potatoes were orange like yams.. My life is a lie 

  11. Rosy Ta says:


    Making me hungry

  12. ekuadrat says:

    and i just made that mashed potato pancake few days ago.. found the recipe
    on pinterest.. 

  13. KingBongHogger says:

    These arent hacks, there is no hacking involved in this video, i think
    buzzfeed would be smart enough to know this but i guess not. Plus none of
    these are even leftovers, you need to go out and buy stuff to make these,
    its not leftovers.

  14. Shannon Lynch says:

    Oh yeah because I really wanna cook some more after I cooked all day for

  15. Uravgyoutuber says:

    Shouldn’t tis be on BuzzFeedYellow lol.

  16. Blitzpunk de says:

    Okay now this is a real paradox in history. After bombing the shit outta
    the whole world I would think that the American empire will end by the
    whole world killing its populace but apparently the American empire will
    fall by the inability of its populace being unable to subsist itself with
    healthy food.

  17. George T. says:

    A bag of cheese is not a measurement. Cheese doesn’t even come in bags.

  18. bella vestrup says:

    Thanksgiving is a wierd thing… We dont have it in my country, what are
    you even celebrating? Someone plzz explain❤️

  19. Kisame Hoshigaki says:

    that music tho XD!! but I love these Hack’s love the potato balls

  20. thelionessreigns says:

    All of these look like they would make my mouth very happy. Nice job,
    Buzzfeed… today I can say I am actually thankful for you.