5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

8 Mason Jar Gadgets Put to the Test – https://youtu.be/Gc9i9tiqaAI

7 Butter Gadgets Put to the Test – https://youtu.be/sdcN8sJiAi8

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48 Responses

  1. Hating on Truth says:

    I’m going to cut it sideways…. ***cuts it diagonally***

  2. Clafted says:

    9:43 “Pretty good on this side… Most likely is goo-

    To Be Continued…

  3. Chase says:

    It’s supAIR hot

  4. William Beas says:

    Taras is the only YouTuber who didn’t change after fame, and continues to do the same things unlike others YouTubers that the fame changes them.

  5. Akella says:

    HLEB its BREAD
    BUTERBROD its sandwich
    PIROGHOK its like a cake

  6. ItsDeimante __ says:

    Who else after watching this video went straight to the kitchen and got something to eat ?

  7. Luca Shi says:

    I’m craving some grilled cheese rn

  8. GAproductions says:

    You should have buttered the bread on the grill cheeses

  9. Ezzan Hazeq says:

    LOL the 2nd gadget…..i have that in my house for over 15 years?

  10. NiceFire Dude says:

    You forgot the butter!

  11. Willi Desden says:

    I Love your language Skills. BOOM

  12. eLemeNt19 says:

    imagine wearing safety glasses while cooking…

  13. SMOKESOULS says:

    now put the breadinski in the microwaverinchki

  14. HellSoy says:

    Хлеб (hleb) – bread
    Сыр (siur) – cheese
    Микроволновки (Mikrovolnovki) – microwave

  15. jezuzfreek777 says:

    Who makes grilled cheese without butter?

  16. Surina Chowdhury says:

    So CRUSTY. how appetising ?

  17. Brian Cleaver says:

    I wonder where he puts all of the gadgets he buys

  18. shivam220 says:

    Buys see thru toaster to see if toast gets burned. Still burns toast… lololol

  19. John Wick says:

    Making grilled cheese sandwich without butter is a crime!

  20. Martin Awad says:

    2:43 there is nothing such as *too much cheese*

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