5 Ice Cream Gadgets put to the Test

5 Ice Cream Gadgets put to the Test

Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock – http://amzn.to/2ACipdI
Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker – http://amzn.to/2ACiX3g
Motorized Ice Cream Cone – http://amzn.to/2jkrYdg
Ball Ice Cream Maker – http://amzn.to/2AEbtwE
Scoop and Stack – http://amzn.to/2zEMhGo

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56 Responses

  1. Josh DeRoche says:

    The first gadget only works for the first few scoops then it’s just only gonna make scooping more difficult

  2. rember2day says:

    eats ice… “mmh cold”

  3. Josh DeRoche says:

    “Stick it right in the cookie”

  4. Dat Boi says:

    I love my mom

  5. Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson says:

    Wow. There are ice cream thieves in the Kul household. My guess? Gemma.

  6. Maria cruz says:

    Any one else likes it it when he says WOW

  7. Mounir Ps says:

    Hi Taras.. waw beautiful video, BOMMMMMMMMMM.-:)

  8. Neffy says:

    Ice cream gagdgets in the middle of winter? Wow! Incredible!

  9. BubbaSteve says:

    “wow amazing.”

  10. dash capture's of Vermont says:

    This makes going to the store and getting ice cream worth the cold dark night trip to town.

  11. DanielTheOne says:


  12. S S says:

    Why a lock for a single serving?

  13. * Ankur * says:

    Cool 😎

  14. Marine Corps says:

    I want some ice cream

  15. Bob McCoy says:

    *It’s the beginning of winter, you maniac!*

  16. OllieHoops 0 says:

    Perfect little hole…
    Perfect CUBE of ice cream

  17. james seeker says:

    Ice cream in winter season 😂😂
    You’re crazy man ❤❤

  18. JL Ramos says:

    That ice cream lock you can just cut the ice cream cup

  19. Brian Ervin says:

    Crazy Russian Ice Cream Gajiks…

  20. Muda Sugo says:

    Yeeeees gajicks!!!

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