5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH – Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH – Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

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CURITIBA, BRAZIL – Curitiba is located in the Paraná state of southern Brazil. It’s a pleasant city, and they known especially for meat. In this video we go on a Brazilian food tour of Curitiba, explore some of the iconic meat dishes of the city, and eat a 5 kilo family sandwich! #Brazil #BrazilianFood #hugefood

Mercearia Fantinato – Carne de onça (Jaguar meat), known as jaguar meat, yet of course not jaguar at all, this steak tartare (raw minced beef) got its name because of the raw meat breath you’ll have after you eat it. It’s mixed table-side, and it’s delicious.
Price – 53.99 BRL ($13.54)

Costelão do Gaúcho – One of the things that Curitiba is known for, and all of southern Brazil, is meat – and especially the beef ribs are among the prized cut. Costelão do Gaúcho is an amazing restaurant that specializes in beef ribs. The owner is a master, treating each rack of ribs with respect and roasting and smoking them with precision. I loved his table saw method of cutting the ribs. The ribs were outstanding, as was the entire meal with all the side salads and dishes.

4 Beans Coffee Co. – We stopped in for a quick coffee, but that turned into a coffee roasting session, which was fantastic.

Lanchonete da Lombada – Here we go, the mega 5 kg. Lombada sandwich. Lombada means speedbump in Portuguese, because it was formerly a street food stall right in front of the speedbump. It was just insane, huge bun, layers of meat, hot dogs, massive quantities of squeeze cheese. It’s not a food challenge, but a very popular local family meal in Curitiba, Brazil. Total price – 50 BRL ($12.45)

Tio Dog (Uncle Dog) – Probably one of the most iconic of all the Brazilian fast food in Curitiba is TIo Dog, specialising in a number of different sandwiches and hot dogs. We got The Philadelphia, a bun filled with hot dogs, a variety of unknown sauces, and little crunchy chip fries. It’s one of those late night impulse foods – not something I’d eat on a daily basis.

Curitiba was fun, and it was a Brazilian food tour of meat!

Thanks to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ
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  1. The Hungry Lebanese says:

    Obrigadooo Mark. Love your Brazil series! Love from Lebanon ❤️

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    Love you channel! Cheers from RECIFE – PERNAMBUCO -BRAZIL

  3. ELLEsk ASMR says:

    Watching this video with empty stomach is not a good idea..??

  4. saurabh halder says:

    I have been eagerly waiting for your next Brazilian food tour video and here it is. Absolutely mouth watering content. Thanks for making us such lovely videos Mark! Love from India! ♥️

  5. Juan Archila says:

    Marks you should give away a few travel for food shirts i would be more than happy to get one of those shirts signed by you.

  6. Rio4Fun says:

    Crazy 5kg Lombada Sandwich!! Cheers man! Great work! Greetings from Rio, Brazil! ?????

  7. wemerson mes says:

    hummm que delicia tudo isso ,mark esta aproveitando bem a comida e a hospitalidade

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    I don’t think my passport got as many destination stamps on it compared to lil Micah :p

    • mad khilla says:

      I’m 22 and don’t even have a passport yet. ?‍♂️

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      +Steph Carlo Everybody gangsta until Micah started travelling since he was an embryo

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      +ManiacalMind Micah will be able to relive all of these moments for the rest of his life through all of these videos. My earliest memory is when I was three.

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      ??Micha’s world #1 child who traveling ✈️?from his 1month old till now?? he has a osm parents❤️

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      Wow all you guys have a great memory! Very very lucky! My parents used to travel with me when I was a baby as well and I honestly remember NOTHING! Very lucky you guys still remember at least how you felt during that time.

  9. Neamul Karim says:

    Nothing to say!
    It’s simply Mark’s video!

  10. Lyan Carlo says:

    hey mark, if you are still in curitiba look for “x mountain”, a simple but very tasty, traditional sandwich from curitiba. the owner of the place is called Alvaro.

  11. Reset-on says:

    costelão não cobrou, ae dou valor

  12. Thiago says:

    P O D R Ã O. Lanche raiz !!!!!!!! Tem como curtir mil vezes??? Amazing Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

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    Dude you’re telling me this guy gets paid for tavelling and eating food AMAZING , Congratulations you have defeated the matrix lol

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    i think just bu the size of it tge courier guys will say no but still …


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    A reação do Mark na hora de comer é realmente o ponto alto dos videos, kkkkk.

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    This video.is amzing.!!
    No words !!
    For these meals you need a big stomach !!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Sônia Mirian says:

    Sou do Paraná mas Morro em SP. GOSTEI DO VÍDEO.

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    Increíble video y gran contenido amor de Brasil ?? ❤️❤️❤️

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    @Mark Wiens Brigadão for covering Brasil the food looks awesome. Muito Bom ?

  20. Tati Libreros says:

    Minha Curitiba!! Amo e sinto muitas saudades… da próxima vez tem que ir no dog da Osório! Melhor dog de costela do mundo! ❤️❤️

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