5 killed, 21 injured, suspect killed by police in West Texas

5 killed, 21 injured, suspect killed by police in West Texas

Five people were killed and 21 injured late Saturday afternoon after a mass shooting inbetween the cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas. Several police officers are among the injured. The gunman is dead and Identified as a white male in his 30s. Reena Ninan reports.

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  1. UhTurtle says:

    Crazy man, born and raised in Midland. When the shooting in El Paso happened people said, “nah it won’t happen to us” just goes to show you can never put your guard down nowadays. Bless the officers and prayers out to all the families.

    • kgbeezr75 says:

      Little late for prayers now, bubba. The people who need them are dead. Maybe next time you won’t fall asleep on the job. 🙂

    • Kandi P. says:

      I went to UTPB and frequented the areas that were affected. It is devastating to hear. Now I live in TN, my neighborhood is rated as safer than most areas, with single digit crime, yet earlier this month there was a drive by shooting 5 minutes away from where I live. It makes your head swim. There’s so much violence everywhere.

      Matthew 24

    • E Wood says:

      I still live here and NOTHING happened yesterday. It’s all propaganda.

    • Martin jr Saucedo says:

      E Wood Please Explain. You mean to say it’s all made up news? Or that something did happen but compared to other mass shootings it’s nothing? Just clarify

  2. Lord Hamsterviel says:

    Prayers to the victims and their families ?

  3. Tim Baldwin says:

    School is starting soon. Better get that bulletproof backpack for the little ones.

    • Crispy Rice says:

      What? Where do you live if school starts that late?

    • gold-and-black-anarchy says:

      Schools are the safest places to be. These shootings are rare and Democrats are going to use this as an excuse to curtail normal peoples’ right to self defense.

    • I hate this. says:

      Εωσφόρος That’s not very smart. Let’s say a teacher that’s carrying gets angry. So angry that they open the closet where they are “carrying” their gun at, grab it, and start shooting? Or better yet, what if a student who is PLANNING to shoot up the school decides to steal one of the teachers guns? “Teachers deserve to carry” is literally one of the dumbest statements I’ve heard.

    • Εωσφόρος says:

      @MrBigEnchilada They are in my town its called The Second Amendment.

    • gold-and-black-anarchy says:

      @I hate this. If you’re that worried about teachers then why send your kids to school? Teachers should carry if they want to. No one cares for your opinion, but I do enough to let you know you’re garbage.

  4. Panthera Draco says:

    You can feel the pain in that officer’s voice as he speaks, sounds as if he’s about to cry and is struggling to maintain composure, clearly he’s affected deeply by this incident.

    My sincere condolences to the families of the victims who’s lives were taken.

  5. tallblackman32 tbm says:

    Another one? Wow not surprised tho!

  6. Shane Hernandez-Garcia says:

    Remember when this used to be a national tragedy ? Remember when we used to shut down the country for things like this? Remember making the flag half mast?

    • Maurice Lucious says:

      There rest of the world see idiots when they look at Amerikkka now. Tourism is suffering ; people are looking at Amerikkka as too hateful and to dangerous to go to now.

    • Maurice Lucious says:

      @BAnonymous most mass murderers most serial killers most rapists most of the richest drug dealers dealing drugs most child molestation child pornagraphy child abuse child murders white collared crime are done by white people.

    • Rich S says:

      @Johnny Boyd when weren’t mass shootings so common? Is that back before they defined them differently? I’m just curious because the actual number of shootings and shooting deaths has been decreasing for the last few decades. So actual FBI statistics seem to disagree with your assertions. I’m just wondering how you reconcile these differences?

    • Bran R says:

      @BAnonymous If you bother to research it instead of acting a fool. Yes it has been unpacked by race and by far the bulk of mass shooters are white people.

      google is your friend

    • Maurice Lucious says:

      @Rich S Director Ray disagrees with you mass murderers white domestic terrorism is a big deal says Christopher Ray of the FBI.

  7. A Hall says:

    ? Our hearts are heavy & broken especially for all victims. I never thought this would happen here in our town. Lord please bless all these families that loss their loved ones & those recovering from their injuries. Please pray for our law enforcement also. ?

    • Clean Water Nasenyi Uganda says:

      No town is free from this. Our country needs deep spiritual healing.

    • E Wood says:

      I saw nothing all day, nor did anyone I know. I don’t believe anything happened like they are trying to spin it. I drove from midland to Odessa yesterday afternoon and saw NOTHING. The only thing I saw was on the news later.

    • Alberto Garcia says:

      A Hall gods not real smh

    • Anita B. says:

      …its gonna take more than pray to get the hate to stop. It will take ALL citizens to stand up against the hateful behaviors and rhetoric of those ignorant people and demand civility ir face justice (real justice).

    • VenomouzElite says:

      @E Wood it happened right outside my work. I can assure you, no one is trying to “spin” anything. It happened and it is tragic

  8. marcus burns says:

    May God Bless them all and there Familys …..This is so out of control in America

  9. James Hunter says:

    What’s wrong with people. Love to all the victims

    • Jessi Cruz says:

      Too many mental individuals who love to see others in pain. I pray for you people in America ❤️ I could never live there.

    • E Wood says:

      Jessi Cruz – I live in midland/Odessa and NOTHING happened here yesterday. Don’t believe the propaganda.

    • Y Y says:

      D. Levy that’s racist

    • Marielherne Louis says:

      @Jessi Cruz Jean j

    • Wildwhiteboobies 5000 says:

      Black folks shoot each other in our countries biggest cities by the thousands, the local news stations in those areas just dont prioritize them and turn them into national stories because contrary to what they say, they dont care about dead people… That aside,the problem isn’t skin color, or weapons , guns specifical or anything the morons keep bickering about. Take a step back and realize whether you are Irish, Brazilian , Egyptian, Japanese you have to be mentally damaged and have a violent upbringing / social culture to feel like its okay to hurt another human being. It doesn’t matter if you do it with a fist, poison, gas, a ball bat, a speeding car or a 9mm. The fact that these people and American society as a whole are okay with violence in so many forms … That’s the issue. Its not a “gun culture” its a “violence is okay in America and we use it for social clout and entertainment culture ” but that’s just too much of a mouthful and takes too much objective thinking and brain power for the average stupid citizen to wrap their heads around.

      Also, mental health services in this country are a LAUGHING STOCK worldwide. Americans see it as a weakness to go see a therapist, they dont have psychologists readily available to all citizens, and the healthcare profession is more knowledgeable about doping up people to bury the symptoms rather than doing to legwork to figure out WHY our citizens are so depressed and violent and feel justified in doing horrible things to one another.

  10. Pinion325 says:

    Fox disabled comments on everything related to this. Fair & balanced

  11. Rahat Ahmed says:

    Don’t say gunman…it’s a terrorist attack.

    • Political Twinkie says:

      Themoonpickle A R, your creating an alibi for a domestic terrorist does not make your fantasy a reality.  And these people are not going to stop killing in mass, proven by their history of yesterday, present day, and expectation of the tomorrows.

    • jaime villescas says:

      They used to talk about domestic terrorists/sleepers, they’re starting to come out. These are people that have been brainwashed since they were young, just like the Taliban an other terrorist groups.

    • Captain Insane says:

      And yes this is also a terrorist attack.. The thing is it’s also a gunman..
      terrorists are usually referred to the bombers.. Just in a common way..

    • Devan Hale says:

      its not a terrorist attack. unless its found out his motives were political its not terrorism.

    • ORA ORA says:

      Linda Zainalabidin Islam is a Plague on this Earth that must be eradicated

  12. Brandi Mccarty says:

    It is so sad that something like this is no longer shocking.

  13. havoc19x says:

    How is this possible? Walmart already banned all the violent games!

  14. casbert3000 says:

    i wish the victims good luck to recovery

  15. Gezi5 says:

    Everyone listen: Violence in video games has shown no connections to shootings. People who play FPS games have the same increase in aggression as people who play sports.

    • paych GeRonimo says:

      That’s true. If music and video games were to blame then Japan and all these other countries would show signs of an increase in violence. It’s been studied and it’s just not happening anywhere else but the US. I wish you could just point at something but it’s not like that.

  16. Jim Souch says:

    Why am I not surprised?And why do I feel disturbed about that?

  17. Roberta Gonzales says:


    • Mom Vaz says:

      Roberta Gonzales So glad even tho 3 officers got shot they took him down so good job!
      1 teen girl shot dead y her male relative leg,1 female postal worker,17 month old baby.1 woman in arm ,many more. Glad Texas allows cops to stop crazy criminals.The man had felonies was not allowed to own a weapon so he got them illegally. Doctors got locked out of the hospital due to hospital lockdown one was older talked to my 90yr old grandma he was still looking for a way in when they talked tells you doctor age they worked together when they were younger. I was born Ector county Odessa got family there even distant cousins who are sheriff dept.

    • 1manuscriptman says:

      You overlook the fact that the SHOOTERS are from Texas. Way to go Texas!

    • EverlastGX says:

      Thats basic police missions

    • JOSE GARCIA says:

      So you want recognition for solving a problem you created? NICE!!!!

    • kevin shea says:

      The problem with killing him on the spot is that you have no chance to possibly learn from this POS important information that may help you prevent future events. That’s why the police work in EL Paso was so lauded. They have the opportunity to try to discover details that may be helpful. If not, we have an Express lane to the chair!

  18. Makaila Rodriguez says:

    It’s not even “breaking news” anymore.

  19. Josiah Reyes says:

    If video games are the real cause of violence, South Korea and Japan must look like war zones.

  20. royster says:

    Racism, conspiracy theories, trump worshippers AND trump haters, this comment section’s just great isn’t it?

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      It’s great for people who aren’t americunts. They’re a degenerate people with a hedonistic country. They’re reaping what they’ve sowed. They deserve the liberal hellhole they’ve created for themselves.

    • NPC #465949 says:

      @Bruce Wayne This isnt a liberal hellhole YET. If it was trump would not be elected. By the way the USA is one of the most conservative countries, where are you from?

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