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Happy #SunDIY pretty little laurs!! This DIY was 51% stressful AF and 49% super fun (jk 100% fun) – let me know if there are more 5 minute DIYs you’d like to see me tackle in under 5 minutes! I’m obsessed with all the 5 min hack IG accounts and youtube channels, and honestly…. I’m not mad at the outcomes LOL. see u wednesday!!!
♡ XO lauren

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▲ last week’s video ▼
LAST WEEK’s VLOG: How I Cleared My Skin/Acne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp0AKBjg9OA
LAST WEEK’S DIY: DIY Vision Board for 2019!

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32 Responses

  1. DIYholic says:


  2. TheDementedKid says:

    Moose is the cutest dog eva! Sometimes I just want to steal him and scratch his freaking back all day. Okay that sounded way too creepy. Good lord! ? ❤

  3. Itz Roshan says:

    Lauren being a diy QUEEN for 10 minutes straight


    Your dog is hilarious. ?

  5. TheDementedKid says:

    *Lauren being stressed for 10 minutes straight and moose being cute is like so fun to watch!* ❤ ?

  6. Kawaii Po-ta-toe says:

    OMG your hair is A M A Z I N G!!!! Love u Lauren <3 (and your hair XD)

  7. Wafflezila says:

    Reminds me of when I forgot to do my home work

  8. TheDementedKid says:

    This video can give a newbie the impression that Lauren is obsessed with butts. ?

  9. Lexi Cline says:

    hey beautiful person scrolling through the comments ?
    i hope ?? your having a great day and good luck ? in your future ??

  10. Tim Harsevoort says:

    10 minutes of Lauren being stressed

  11. Emma Vinisko says:

    Anybody notice that it is exactly 10 minutes?

  12. Giselle Guerra says:

    Can u do organization videos ?????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️

  13. Jade Danci says:

    I love these diy videos!?

  14. Jade Danci says:

    The blond is back!!!!!!!!?

  15. Aeva's World says:

    Lauren nailed these diys

  16. Niamh murphy says:

    Love how this lasts exactly 10:00 minutes

  17. Moggie 737 says:

    Lauren tries five minute diys and does it in five minutes
    I try a five minute diy
    *five hours later*
    Just five more minutes….

  18. Uchechi Anyanwu says:

    who else just came from alex’s video… :'(

  19. Elaine D says:

    Even thought there are a LOT of these…. Lauren should try troom troom hacks/diys

  20. itsKristiii says:

    Can we talk about Laurent’s hair?! Omg ?

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