5 Movie Villains That Would Make Great Leaders (Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight)

5 Movie Villains That Would Make Great Leaders (Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight)

As far as TV/Movie villains go, If faced with picking Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, The Joker from The Dark Knight or Scar from Lion King OR… let’s say Donald Trump as your president, the clear choice is pretty obvious… It’s the Borg.

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5 TV/Movie Villains That Would Make Great Presidents

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20 Responses

  1. Juels Garcia says:

    This always makes me happy. After Hours is the best. And Sauron from LOTR is the best villain to rule, mostly because he cares about the marginalized groups that are forced to live outside of society.

  2. Vsauce2000 says:

    I would vote for any of these guys if they ran for president!

  3. The Father of Lies says:

    “Time for some Game Theory.”

    Damn MatPat, get shit on!

  4. Ana B says:


  5. Juliaoceania says:

    Dan O’Brien 2020

  6. Ameri Wryter says:

    1:29 Did they just throw shade at game thoery?

  7. renji90998 says:

    Mufasa was trying to maintaining the balance of nature simply “give a little take a little” but Scar and the hyenas all they did was take nearly causing extinction and starvation

  8. lolsquad says:

    This is so poorly researched. Cercei would make a shitty leader, in fact she is a shitty leader in the canon. Remember when she was so fucking paranoid that she lost all her fleet to the fucking shitty admiral she installed? Remember when she armed the faith militant and made kings landing an intolerant, death to all the sinners place? Or when she was so incapable of controlling one CHILD that she started the fucking war of the five kings? Or when she blew up the fucking church? Bruh.

  9. Ed Lippincott says:

    I think this should be renamed “5 TV/Movie Villains that would probably be a more competent President than our current one”

  10. Doc Holliday says:

    Did this after hours just disprove communism as a viable political system by using the Lion King? I can dig it.

  11. Timewarpiaman says:

    The main problem with Cersei being in charge is that she manages to turn all her allies against her. I mean in trying to make sure Margaery Tyrell couldn’t influence her son she manage to turn the Tyrell family against her (the only major House in GoT who were still allies with the Lannisters) and got her last son killed.

    Everything the Lannisters do ends up coming back to haunt them. Tyrion was the only person in that House who is smart enough to not continue making enemies. Hell he got captured by pirates and tricked them into eventually leading him to Daenerys.

  12. Woody Would says:

    The thing I never understood about Mufasa’s death, don’t cats land on their feet? Including big cats.

  13. Kobi Reichard says:

    The Rick and Morty reference genuinely got a gasp from me

  14. Antonio Arrendol says:

    Obviously it should have been Palpatine. After all, he /was/ the Senate.

  15. Benjamin Pacatte says:

    Dan for President-Man 2020

    He thinks outside the can! He’ll cut out the middle man. I’m his biggest fan, I have his face on the side of my van! He’s got the master plan to ban the Klan and he makes a great flan.

    Send help, I can’t stop talking in rhyme, I don’t want to do this all the time

  16. Jared says:

    Isn’t Emperor Palpatine the obvious answer here? He ran a the Galactic Empire and he did it well. They’ve even covered that in an episode.

  17. Albin Hjertström says:

    Just me or is the obvious answer emperor palpatine? He created the fucking empire! And the entirety of it would be fine and well regulated if it wasn’t for the fucking terrorists called “the rebells”

  18. Leisure SuitL says:

    3:32 Michael takes apart every Democrat political plan “generosity isn’t just taking out a bunch of loans”. What say you, California & Illinois?

  19. Nice Guy says:

    wait…. Trump isn’t a Game of Thrones villain?

  20. Chino Wantan says:

    a person who wants to be a king/president and bang a relative AKA daughter… sounds familiar

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