5 Must Try Meat Dishes in Japan

5 Must Try Meat Dishes in Japan

Japanese food is glorious; especially when it comes to meat dishes. We explore five popular Japanese meat dishes you need to to try.

*LOCATIONS in Oshu featured in this video*

Chicken Karaage
Fukamiya 深見屋

Maesawa beef steak
Ushi no Sato 牛の里

Maesawa beef Sushi
Sukehachi Zushi (助八寿司)

Coffee House Ryon-Ryon

Maesawa beef Yakiniku
Ryuen (龍園)

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20 Responses

  1. Salamander says:

    I can’t stop laughing at 4:25 😀

  2. David Silva says:

    I hear KFC is better in other countries like japan and the uk I think and is bad over here in the US… man the depression is real

  3. Mariusz Kubiński says:

    I would love to hear Ryotaro say ‘go duck yourself’ the way Natsuki did 🙂

  4. CaptainRGB says:

    This is not how to do a 5 different meat meals day. You are supposed to order one dish in each restaurant and share it with your partner-in-crime to avoid food overdose. Done it before and I will definitely try Oshu next time I am in Japan.

  5. Haley Lamp says:

    I think Eccentric best describes Ryotaro. I personally always enjoy seeing him in videos.

  6. james rumble says:

    Chris, please do that top 10 vegan things to order in japan video! i’m just about to embark on my second visit to japan and my travel buddy is a vegan. I feel sorry for the kid because literally everything seems to have fish in it. As a carnivore i feel it’s his fault for making bad life choices but at the same time I respect the commitment to not eating animal products. Ultimately i just want a get out of jail free card so i can eat wherever the fuck i want and stiff him with the vegan option. So Chris don’t do the video for the vegans do it for the carnivores that have to sacrifice for the vegans.
    Also why haven’t you done a fugu video? come on man

  7. Raoul D Mono says:

    Ryotaro is the kind of guy you need to have blunch with, thus blunchtastic

  8. 1ninjatiger says:

    Took my breath away 🎤🤣😂🤣😂 The unexpected song was bloody hilarious

  9. Thunderbolt22A10 says:

    “I just had a uterus last night”

    -Ryotaro 2017

  10. Tom Rose says:

    What I really want to know, is will we ever see Natsuki and Ryotaro in the same video? Try and name a better duo. I’ll wait.

  11. Mojo Jojo says:

    One word: Banana 🍌 – yellow outside, white inside 😝

  12. The Doctor says:

    As a meat eater for 30 years and a vegetarian for the last 3, none of this look appetizing. Seems my thought process of what is considered “food” has changed.

  13. Sbiaw says:

    In Britain you can’t use your keys if your intent is to use them

  14. Bansai says:

    cant tell if Ryotaro was telling an adult joke or he actually ate uterus the night before…

  15. Chuck Beau Buck says:

    Ryotaro = IMPOSTER!
    Def; a person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name.

  16. sleepingterror says:

    I’m describing him in one word

  17. sam says:

    in one word!? international

  18. Robert Hollar says:

    Also Yakiniku wise you nee to try the tongue is amazing be it ox or beef.

  19. PhattyMcdugen says:

    The Best!!! Love your content… Keep at it so you can finally get that Gold Play Button and restore my faith in YouTube

  20. Adventures in Forging says:

    I make karage myself with the same recipe. It’s not hard. So good too!

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