$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza

$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza

“That is an indescribable taste.”


Check It, Genesis, Uptown Break, Saturday Shopping, Dafodils, Monkey Funk, Penchant, Romantic Cafe Violinist, Air On A G String, Clair De Lune
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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Tetsu Yahagi

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20 Responses

  1. frankmat says:

    “You have a girlfriend?” The Asian guy was seriously upset that he wasn’t
    gay too.

  2. Emma Field says:

    “What about the three musketeers?” I DIED

  3. DiamondRaiderz JoelPauline says:

    they drank wine.. twice, and still continuing driving D:

  4. J ellowpy says:

    No!! It’s not the same ! Do it with your bestie or do not to it at all ?


  5. Crystal Montgomery says:

    You stole a idea from another guy someone did a 5 dollar pizza do a 335
    dollar pizza I forgot the name but you stole the thing from him bitchs

  6. Amna Ali says:


  7. Vilhelm Mursal says:

    6:39 did anyone else notice his hair looked like after sex hair? (the one
    on the left which I forgot the name of)

  8. Serena Morrison says:

    Why do they describe what truffle is? Are we retards?

  9. Paula Deen says:

    i want to have sexual intercourse with Andrew.

  10. Krom1hell says:

    Are you kidding me :))…..That pizza costs 135 $ only because it’s in
    Beverly Hills…..I’ve eaten 5$ pizza that even Gordon Ramsey might cry
    when eating :))

  11. Jade Stonem says:

    guys let’s be serious porcoddio the one and only pizza is MADE IN ITALY and
    the most simple and original one (Margherita) costs 5€

  12. Vhope says:

    jup.. and I once again fell head over heels for Andrew…
    why he gotta be so much like my type?!

  13. lucijan joze Kotar says:

    These video was not as good because there isn’t Keith

  14. Naruto says:

    Pen pineapple apple pen

  15. xWafflezGames says:

    Actually I think the others tasted better than the 135 dollars :)

  16. Tara Trinh says:

    om, I love blaze pizza

  17. Bibles says:

    This is my favorite series

  18. nick _ says:

    Dear BLM people ALM people are not against BLM they are reinforceing it
    with the statement that not just black lives matter but all of them do it
    is not meant to be offensive in any way please copy paste and spread the
    word so we can all understand

  19. Potato forever says:

    When Andrew said hes got a girlfriend i nearly cried

  20. hannah jessup says:

    this was the best keep making these vids