5 Reasons Movies Keep Getting Worse

5 Reasons Movies Keep Getting Worse


Man, movies suck.

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20 Responses

  1. Samantha Furnish says:

    Hey! A human talking and NOT text over soundless images, I didn’t know they
    made videos like this

  2. OXOTNHK d'Distro says:

    i never noticed the bald spot before

  3. manbehindthewires says:

    Who else crosses their fingers at the start of Cracked videos now, hoping
    to see a human instead of that godawful music and text nonsense?

  4. Jamin Schmitt says:

    1 word: Executives.

  5. kaza12345678 says:

    do 5 reasons movies are getting better

  6. Mether says:

    Kyle reese, not john Connor, but who cares really

  7. Krombopulos Michael says:

    Well this was entertaining, but also kind of wrong and suffers from that
    same defener “everything was better in the past” bullshit.

    Just because a line read is hammy doesn’t mean a whole movie is bad. I had
    no idea who Khan or any other Star Trek characters were before watching
    Into Darkness, it didn’t really change the fact that it was an enjoyable
    and entertaining movie, because 99% of the movie is things that aren’t
    that. For the most part, movies are better than in the past, especially
    action movies where things like effects are getting so much better and
    where people can stand on the shoulders of what came before in acting,
    editing, directing, writing and everything else that goes into movies.

    As much as everyone talking about movies on YouTube creams their jeans over
    every basic film making thing in A New Hope or Jurassic Park now, in 40
    years it’s going to be some other movie that’s out now while they complain
    that the movies of 2057 are just a bunch of cynical money makers.

  8. Daniel White says:

    Everything in this video, is just spot on.

  9. Dusty Partition says:

    It seems that all things, instead of being good or art, are becoming
    services intended to distract and entertain indefinitely.

  10. Steven Campbell says:

    Characters don’t have to be likeable they just have to be interesting.
    Everything else I agree completely with.

  11. Panzerkampfwagen says:

    Interestingly ‘Star Wars’ was originally a stand alone movie. The end of
    the movie is an actual end. It’s also why there were so many
    inconsistencies introduced in the following movies as Lucas constantly
    tried to retcon everything as he changed the stories over and over and over
    again in his never ending quest to “fix” the movies.

  12. JD1010101110 says:

    Mystery boxes can be okay, if they’re done well. I enjoy a good mystery.

  13. Mark Estes says:

    Gasoline would have eaten through that cup

  14. Ollie Connors says:

    Reasons why Blockbusters keep getting worse, there’s a lot underrated
    movies people miss.

  15. Ima Dork says:

    I liked Force Awakens but “butt hole eyed she yoda” will rest with me until
    I have pennies on my eyes.

  16. Brian MacLeod says:

    Why is Tony Stark being ideologically opposed to Cap supposed to be

  17. IAmAgainst says:

    Well, maybe if people stopped paying to see every crappy movie that comes

  18. Bill lupin says:

    1. Show don’t tell. Exposition takes us out of the movie. The map shows us
    Luke went planet-hopping after Kylo’s betrayal. When he found a planet with
    someone who’d been around for 1,000 years, he entrusted the saber to her.
    He wanted it protected, not lost like himself.
    Regarding the X-men movie, the same characters came together because
    similar circumstances exist prior to the time travel. Duh.

    2. What made Batman V. Superman bad was not that they cut out necessary
    It was a bad film in general. Bad acting, bad writing, etc.

    3. I’m not sure what this point even was… I’m guessing it’s “building up
    a mystery, then revealing it to be not worth the suspense?” That’s going to
    happen EVERY time you unveil a mystery. What made the pulp fiction
    briefcase special was, they NEVER showed what was inside.

    4. In one scene, as she’s passing out, Rei hears the voice of Obi Wan. Have
    you considered that Rei was learning the force… with guidance? (Rei’s arc
    is, she’s a self-centered introvert. She comes to learn to rely on friends.)

    5. Force Awakens ends with Rei presenting Luke with the lightsaber. That’s
    not a cliffhanger, nor a premature ending. The whole movie was about
    finding Luke, now she’s found Luke.
    Her training WITH Luke would be another hour or so, without any real drama,
    so there’s no sense in including that story in this movie. It’s a whole new

    The real reason films seem to suck now? Nostalgia goggles. Trust me, they
    had stinkers back in the day, too. You only really remember the good
    movies. For every forbidden planet, there were a dozen plan 9s.

  19. argella1300 says:

    Likable horror movie characters: Tucker and Dale from Tucker and Dale vs
    Evil. You’re welcome.

  20. Matt Miller says:

    here’s a mystery box for you, swearing doesn’t make you funnier

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