5 Reasons to Buy a $188 Laptop

5 Reasons to Buy a $188 Laptop

For less than $200 the HP Stream 14 is a surprisingly decent budget laptop on the cheap.
HP Stream on Amazon: http://austin.tech/hpstream
Ultra Gaming on a $200 Laptop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N_tNfBxCxE

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71 Responses

  1. Devin Swags says:

    Fight KSI dude

  2. scorpion1129 Gaming says:

    its worth spending an extra 100-150 dollars to get an i3, hd screen, 4gb ram, 128gb sdd…

  3. PersonaFan GT says:

    Nice 5 minute ad, Now where is da video Austin?

  4. Alexander Black says:

    But *is it worth it* ?

  5. The Parakeets says:


  6. Nintendude Productions says:


  7. Ford Focus RS says:

    Dell Inspiron 15-3552 is better!Is 200$ or 300$ but you get a better laptop!

    • Casey Murray says:

      Whats bad about windows 10, its a hell of alot better than 8.

    • Oscat A. says:

      Casey Murray Have a look on my channel for my “Top 5 Tech: Windows 10 Dislikes” video. You’ll see what I mean.

    • Casey Murray says:

      I mean you could make a video of top five dislikes of any OS. Here’s Chrome OS
      1. Can’t use offline
      2. No apps other than google
      …ect. Every OS is not perfect. Get over it.

    • brickman409 says:

      Everyone hates on Dell, but honestly, they are probably one of my favorite PC brands. They are super easy to work on. Just recently retired my Dell laptop from 2007. It originally shipped with Vista and a gig of RAM. I upgraded to an SSD, put in an extra gig of RAM, bought a new battery and installed Linux Mint on it. Ran great.

    • Oscat A. says:

      Casey Murray Yeah. I know that every OS isn’t perfect. One thing is for sure Windows 10 is not a very good version of Windows.

  8. GAMING PRO123 says:

    I bought a second-hand hp laptop for 218€ it came with a i5 5200U, 8Gb of RAM, and an Nvidia geforce 940M 2GB, so i’d say that is a much better deal than this laptop…

    • Cody Biancuzzo says:

      GAMING PRO123 that’s actually not that bad, nice catch what’s the size of the hard drive

    • GAMING PRO123 says:

      Cody Biancuzzo 1TB

    • Steven Hicken says:

      Wow do you have a link so anyone could get that deal? /s

      Your comparison isn’t fair and comes off as bragging. Most of the time you would have to pay more for what you got and get less—even when used. That’s good for you, but entirely unhelpful. Just leave it at “you could probably get a good deal as well if you look for something used”.

    • GAMING PRO123 says:

      Steven Hicken Actually there use to be an amazon link to the exact computer i have, not AS cheap, but pretty close… BUT, as of right now, they’re out of stock

    • Tim Renney says:

      GAMING PRO123 A laptop that nice isn’t usually 200 used. You got a pretty nice deal on that.

  9. Balan Serban says:

    Sponsored by HP…..

  10. The Verctor says:

    Is Austin Evans giant forehead *worth it?*

  11. Luis Guerrero says:

    1). you’re broke.
    2). you don’t want to get a job.
    3). It can run MINECRAFT.
    4). When the FBI agent that was assigned to you starts noticing your shady internet activity you won’t complain about disposing of it, since it was only $188.
    5).Cryptocurrency wallet. Nobody will ever suspected this is were you hide your bitcoin.

  12. S.M.M Vigilante says:

    *5 reasons why Austin Evan’s exists in 2018*

  13. Dean Natuno says:

    *I have a 1GB RAM netbook* its performance is horrible but it’s all I have.

  14. Jupiter says:

    This laptop costs about 465 US dollars in India!!!
    It’s about 30,000 rupees which when converted into dollars is 465 Freaking US dollars!!

  15. Dev Sharma says:

    It’s over 450$ here in India 🤔😂😂

  16. ThirdBirdTurd says:

    cs188 laptop

  17. Brendan Ryan says:

    But why does this exist in 2018?

  18. Educate Society says:

    Honestly this is probably gonna be my next laptop. I spent over double the money to get a laptop with 8gb of ram yet I didn’t even need 8gb of ram…

  19. The Aliens says:

    *there’s a 5 minute ad that I can’t skip for some reason*

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