5 Scariest Pranks on YouTube

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Flula drops by YouTube Nation to watch a collection of the scariest prank videos ever.
Let us know what you think of the show in the comments!

Thanks to Flula for being our guest!
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Featured in this show:

Wet Beats: Beach Boxing (with Flula) http://goo.gl/SXXR7K
By Flula: http://youtube.com/djflula

Telekinetic Priest Attack Scare Prank! http://goo.gl/UgYJJs
By DmPranksProductions: http://youtube.com/DmPranksProductions

PARANORMAL PRANK (Pomsta 8) http://goo.gl/Hldtqp
By ViralBrothers: http://youtube.com/ViralBrothers

The Ring Style Wake Up Prank! – The Official Video – – Waking up to a Ghost coming out of TV screen http://goo.gl/DlXS1X
By James Williams: http://youtube.com/JamesWilliamsComedy

Alien Invasion Prank! http://goo.gl/2bUWvS
By 0,5er: http://youtube.com/NullKomma5er

Devil Baby Attack http://goo.gl/y4i67u
By DevilsDueNYC: http://youtube.com/devilsduenyc

Ryn Weaver – OctaHate http://goo.gl/3Jqo3q
By RynWeaverVEVO: http://youtube.com/RynWeaverVEVO

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20 Responses

  1. Richard Artwington says:

    I love his German accent…

  2. Pretzel Dawg says:

    I think you missed the scary clown prank.

  3. Mä Lou says:

    Tankstellenangst xD

  4. Spencer Wise says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the guy is wearing his vest inside out

  5. Victor Luna says:


  6. Victor Mares says:

    #StumpEarnest find a video of a dog riding a bike and back flips

  7. orangepeel468 says:

    Yo yo yo big m&ms lol Flula is awesome yaaas 

  8. sociobalto0 says:

    Video or gtfo

  9. SMgaming6 says:

    What about the prank youtube pulled about shutting down lol scared me 

  10. Reluxus svk says:

    2nd video Czech video xD

  11. Galaxy 7 Pro says:

    Black guy in this video is fabulous af

  12. Cheyenne M says:

    There is one about a clown pretending to hammer a dummies body in public

  13. Steven Pineda says:


  14. Connor McRaney says:

    Find me a video when girls fail while walking in boxes. XD it actually is

  15. Finn Zigich says:

    Scariest was when YouTube made a joke about turing YouTube off, seriously

  16. EliteCrossMapGaming says:

    The fact that the black guy sounds more of a sissy then the girl is the
    scariest part of this video

  17. PewDiePie Sucks Dick says:

    I swear I’m going to do one of these low talented productions where I take
    someone else talent and talk about it. Seriously I’ll make money off other
    people’s hard work. These type of channels are so stupid.

  18. Bear_lover_220321 says:

    The evil clown prank 

  19. TF4isIronMan says:

    Other janitor XD

  20. Ha says:

    Omg lol at 2:40 she sound like a pig

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