5 Seconds of Summer Guitarist’s Hair Catches Fire on London Stage

5 Seconds of Summer Guitarist’s Hair Catches Fire on London Stage

Credit: Twitter/@imin5sosland
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Australian pop group 5 Seconds of Summer were forced to cut their London concert short on Saturday, June 13, after guitarist Michael Clifford was injured by on-stage pyrotechnics. Dramatic video shows Clifford walking into a pyrotechnic display as it shot up from the Wembley Arena stage.

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16 Responses

  1. frankie4you2013 says:

    Stupid show effects and an artists who doesn´t care about open fire

  2. Cherry Man says:

    yeah fucker deserved it.

  3. Erick Pincay says:

    You deserve that shit fag

  4. brogar yotimoto says:


  5. brogar yotimoto says:

    Natural selection 

  6. Rodney Rambo says:

    Dave Grohl breaks his leg, continues playing. In this whatever it is hair
    catches on fire then runs backstage.

  7. Melina Trns says:

    For those dicks who said that “he deserved it” or compared it to Dave Grohl
    breaking his leg, fuck off because he didn’t only burn his hair, he burned
    his whole right side of the face. And breaking a leg and being burned in
    the fucking face isn’t comparable. (+ Dave and his band have experience
    with that kind of shit)

  8. Clementine Lee says:

    I don’t even like this band but all of you heart less morons are fucking
    sick with the “He deserved it” comments. Please get a life.

  9. spllitz says:

    That’s what he gets for not getting a real job

  10. AoRxStealth says:

    Aww he didn’t die?

  11. Kirsten Haley says:

    why did he get that close, it probably wouldn’t of caught fire if he wasn’t
    wearing all that hairspray.

  12. Astrid Emyle says:

    i guess you can say the show was a blast

  13. Tony Nuca (Space Cowboy) says:

    Damn that guy is hot

  14. Ma Helton says:

    Butthead.- You watch Oprah, what a wuss.
    Bevis.- Shutup Butthead. I thought they were gunna show his hair on fire.