5 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

5 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Butane Torch Trick – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjpzHk1Ht0I&list=UUe_vXdMrHHseZ_esYUskSBw

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20 Responses

  1. Lehua A. Gamin' says:

    If your reading this I bet you didn’t noticed I spelt “you’re” wrong.
    Because you are. 🙂 Gotcha.

  2. Q&Wgaming says:

    that were 8 drops

  3. SHDE Faze Keaton says:

    What did he say the last project was

  4. Anaya Jones says:

    Do you guys notice that all of his videos on science experiments you can do
    at home are things that you don’t normally have.

  5. MegaBLASTER OfPokemon says:

    whear did he buy this

  6. Tavian Ward says:

    I like your OOOOOOOHHH! So awesome

  7. Kermitheog says:

    close your eyes and listen to the slime part

  8. baptist1051 says:

    Do you drink alcohol

  9. the sno man says:

    safety is number one priority

  10. Austin Kavrar says:

    Russian stomedy

  11. DerpyMagic says:

    6;32 . close your eyes and imagine

  12. THUMANS - The Icon of Our Time says:

    cracks me up

  13. Puzzle Productions says:

    Suscribe give like

  14. red life says:


  15. Med Ali Ftouh says:


  16. Patrick Sloan says:

    He said it feels so good im my hands

  17. cheezymaniiz y says:

    5:59 close Your eyes

  18. Katelynn Tenbrook says:

    Does the frist one heart ?

  19. Marceline The Vampire Pussy Queen says:

    You sound bored and hungry

  20. MaicoMoon says:

    Why does he talk like he has Downs?