5 teams who beat The Shield: 5 Things

5 teams who beat The Shield: 5 Things

The Shield dominated WWE for more than two years, but these five trios managed to topple The Hounds of Justice.

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20 Responses

  1. Nelson Lee says:

    what happened to tom phillips. ;-;

  2. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi (7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi) says:

    #ThankYouWyatts .. that was amazing on RAW

  3. Frozen Creeper 15 says:

    Wait roman reigns and the usos are cousins.They fought each other and they
    became a family after the shield break up. WOW

  4. Jake Marvelle says:

    soon bored

  5. Simplemente WWE says:

    cm punk

  6. Romans Taint says:

    My cousins the Poo-so’s. Got to hand it to them. Or wipe it. Either way.
    Poo so crazy y’all! 100% stinky Samoan blood coursing through our veins,

  7. Grafix Flam says:

    1:52 wow did they really mention Cm Punk!?

  8. Super Woman says:

    Bring back The Shield, I miss them ;(

  9. Kakashi Uchiha says:

    cm punk was the one who defeated shield by himself

  10. Jack Saver says:

    I hate him even more now

  11. Asher Matthew says:

    bring back the shield!!!!!

  12. Franklin Anguiano says:

    I mis rey mysterio

  13. KOSOVA- TV says:

    what’s happening

  14. teed baker says:

    vince swerves at ..payback.. getting Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to join
    “Roman Empire” heel stable complete

  15. ProShotGaming says:

    Can you guys take two seconds of you’re time and come subscribe to me, it
    would mean the world if you could! Thank you

  16. Shay watson says:

    how dobu like as cimment

  17. Rpp Wing says:

    This video is trending. Proof Roman Reigns is over

  18. Alan Andrada says:

    And cmpunk wins 3 vs 1….HELLO?

  19. Skiddit says:

    fake and gay

  20. grandpa75672 says:

    Wrestling is staged. Wrestling is fake. The matches are scripted.why do
    stupid people believe believe wrestling is real? Dumbasses