5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote, Featuring President Obama

5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote, Featuring President Obama

Register to vote now at buzzfeed.turbovote.org. Warning: “Game of Thrones” spoilers.


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19 Responses

  1. Rehid says:

    I really used to like BuzzFeed … then they put Obama in a video.

  2. amaya dungan says:

    I’m gonna miss you obama. you did so much

  3. karasunocrows says:

    I don’t know or care if he is a good president or not. but he sure is chill
    to feature in vids like this.

  4. Brian Quinn says:

    do none of you see hes acting like a celebrity and not a president?but hes
    against trump?and only for hillary because he has to or itd be politicallt
    incorrect and even SHE acts like a celebrity calling it 2020 trump vs tom
    cruise vs kanye west

  5. Katarzyna Zabinska says:

    Voted for Trump. Thanks for the advice Obama!

  6. xx3 says:

    I am not even from USA and I still love Obama..

  7. Storm Arrow says:

    Please America if you’re young and able to vote do! British young people
    weren’t able to prevent the Brexit but maybe you can prevent Donald Trump.

  8. Kyber Serafino (wherethesidewalkends) says:

    I’m gonna miss Obama so much. He’s got to be the coolest president we’ve
    ever had

  9. Clarinha Diogo says:

    i love obama

  10. IAmCollins 123 says:

    Obama is literally the coolest president we will ever get EVAR

  11. dynbrn says:

    Oh Obama, you’ll be dearly missed.

  12. zia cliffy ✨ says:


  13. WolfArtist666 says:

    It’s great to have a president running the country that can’t untangle
    headphones or play Operation.

  14. Abby Loucks says:

    He’s literally the most chill president ever

  15. akinda girl says:

    I’m not American or live in America but idk why but I’ll miss Obama.

  16. Sharon B says:

    I hope we can all agree that orange is NOT the new black.

  17. Maria Greaves says:

    I understand rules and stuff but, Obama is way better than all the people
    running and I wish he could stay president.

  18. 221pheels says:

    Obama I will miss you !

  19. Meme Machine says:

    Of course Obama would go on BUZZFEED