5 Times Scientists Were Very Wrong About New Discoveries, Because of Hope

5 Times Scientists Were Very Wrong About New Discoveries, Because of Hope

Passionate scientists constantly have revolutionary ideas, but when they seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Hosted by: Hank Green

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https://www.nature.com/scientificamerican/journal/v47/n3/full/scientificamerican07151882-32a.html https://www.nature.com/scientificamerican/journal/v64/n1648supp/full/scientificamerican08031907-76supp.html








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89 Responses

  1. Gavin says:

    It wasn’t Hope that disproved the existence of canals; it was Spirit and Opportunity, among others.

  2. Software Man says:

    A bar walks into a physicist…

    Oops, wrong frame of reference.

    • Anthony Khodanian says:

      zombie blood I don’t think you get it. Everyone here knows the basics of relativity, its like trying to explain the “I’m positive” atom losing electron joke. Everyone knows about atoms. They’re saying it’s a dumb joke.

    • Jessica Riedy says:

      This is my new favorite joke

    • zombie blood says:

      Anthony Khodanian oh well now i feel stupid. From your relative standpoint this must be amusing. (Did i do it right)

    • SlyPearTree says:

      Anthony Khodanian
      Most physic jokes are dumb jokes, that’s part of their charm.

    • Alpha Breaker says:

      Hmm I see people(intelligent) are fighting for there frame of reference.

      And saying so I have joined the fight, perhaps I shouldn’t have posted this but since I have did……

      Well I can go on making such long nonsense sentences and that makes me feel bored so I am gonna end it now.

  3. Justin Y. says:

    Let’s hope that the discovery of nuclear fusion won’t be wrong, otherwise we may end up summoning Cthulu

    • Marcus Tullius Cicero says:

      Lenard Segnitz

      The one appliction fusion (and to a lesser extent, fission) beats out everything else though is starship propulsion.

    • TheStonedGamer9 says:

      The cthulu has already been summoned. By Metallica. And the cthulu spoke through cliff Burton in the same song

    • Rodney Sharp says:

      You’re probably already familiar with it, but if not you might be interested in the ITER facility, currently in construction in South France. It’s not cold fusion, but I think it’s still a pretty spectacular and worthwhile project.

    • mudkep says:

      dude justin you’re everywhere wtf

    • Belliaum777 says:

      I agree that increased solar energy usage is a good first step, but. I Think we can do fusion just not the type we see; or rather assume, is happening inside the sun. I think coldfusion has some merits, as Hank pointed out research is still ongoing dispite the massive propaganda to shut it down. I do Think that at some Point in the future “coldfusion” research will yeild more results than tokamak.

  4. frogster eighteeng says:

    Is it strange that I watch videos that I’m early on at 4* speed with an external program so I can say that I’m he first person to watch the video in its entirety?

  5. God says:

    Waiting for Muscle Hank.

  6. Muscle Hank says:

    some people are very wrong about when my meme will die because of hope…

  7. seasong says:

    Remember what Veritasium said, that most research is wrong

    • Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

      Simone that that to seasong he seems to believe it’s real. But since he claims research is wrong he must believe you don’t need evidence to prove a fact.

    • Lauren Hathaway says:

      Tyler_ Lalonde-
      Suggesting that most published experiments, data, and research are incorrect, incomplete, misinterpreted, or have unaccounted variables, is *not* the same as believing you don’t need evidence to prove something is true. It is unwise to make assumptions or to confuse correlation and causation. Veritasium definitely believes that evidence is needed to support any given theory or hypothesis.

    • Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

      Lauren Hathaway I was simply just pointing out the irony for fun. But most papers are submitted and then reviewed. He never gave any example or explanation on how or why he says so. I think that is a huge assumption don’t you?

    • Lauren Hathaway says:

      Tyler_ Lalonde-
      It’s been a while since I’ve seen the video. But even if he is wrong about “most” published research being flawed, it is still a worthwhile topic of conversation, and I would argue that most published data needs to be examined more carefully, especially any study funded by a group or organization with biased motives, and it *is* probable that most studies have unaccounted variables that are skewing the data. Peer Review is not an infallible process, especially if you only look at the data without enough context of the particular experiment and the field of study. That was the main purpose of Veritasium’s video, not that all science is wrong.
      Lastly, spreading misinformation is never okay, in my opinion. I don’t care if it’s “fun” or unintentional. In general it is dangerous and damaging to science, culture, and the well-being of our species.

  8. Master Therion says:

    Scientists were wrong because of hope? Sounds like they need _A New Hope._ * plays Star Wars theme song *

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      Master Therion Edwin Hubble was super tensed like “Boy every galaxy is freaking moving away from Us”

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      BertyFromDK Master Therion’s a Science Wizard

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      Master Therion May the hose be with you ” 🤣🤣

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      You are the best could u please also comment on my channel {your wish } my desire . I also make science videos

    • In my opinion... says:

      (_Darth Vader theme song begins_Red Lightsaber appears in the darkness; lumunatung the bodies of the soon to be slaughtered troopers who ‘liked’ your comment.)

  9. Roney Andrade says:

    you guys forgot about “aether” the believe medium for which light moved through.

  10. Flippy Sidee says:

    I was expecting a mention of Einstein’s cosmological constant to preserve a perfectly stable universe before Hubble came along and showed the universe was expanding

  11. Lord Dice X says:

    Dip the deuterium in sweaty memory water and place it in a Martian canal before exposing it to N-rays. It’s gotta work!

  12. naihanchin Kempo says:

    Our brain is built for patterns that aren’t there. Gambling depends on it

  13. masterimbecile says:

    As a wise man once said: check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

  14. piranha031091 says:

    Soon to be joined by the EM drive…

    • Vampyricon says:

      It’s probably already joined by the EM Drive. It’s just not significant enough to get on the list.

  15. David Jameson says:

    Water Memory
    Oh boy, homeopathy.

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      David Jameson Homeopathy is just a reckless fraud

    • Mr Goldfish says:

      Homeopathy… “it just works”

      Lol no.

    • Smartinator Plus says:

      Then why do people go to homeopaths

    • MissLilyputt says:

      Smartinator Plus People fo to homeopathic treatments either because the real treatment they need is long and or painful. People would rather drink a tea, get a massage, or fast among other things if they can avoid taking pills every day, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc. There are always people who believe in things that just don’t work and people willing to scam the people who are willing to believe in the absurd to avoid getting real help. That’s why mind readers, psychics, mentalists, homeopathics, end of world bunker sellers, good luck charm sellers, cryogenics and a bunch of other things make so much money but it doesn’t actually improve the lives of the people who use them.

  16. Hanif Huzairi says:

    “giant green rage monsters..” 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Hulk family reference

  17. Lenard Segnitz says:

    “Thus all science is wrong”… but how did anyone figure out that some science is in error?… with the carefull, rigorous application of SCIENCE.

    Science is a self-correcting endeavor. Science is always provisional even the seemingly set-in-stone facts. Everything known to science could be overturned if given enough good evidence. The set-in-stone stuff are really stuff that has had more and more corroborating evidence added while researchers were trying to falsify it. Is evolution wrong?… maybe but very, very unlikely. Are Newton’s laws of motion wrong?…. maybe, but very, very unlikely.

    • Marco Pohl says:

      Matthew Ronson Jr.- scientists don’t speak in absolutes, how many times have you heard them say things like “the data suggests _”? ‘cuz i do all the time!

    • Louie Z says:

      I mean newton was wrong, but he was close enough at low speeds

    • Thegreatestman Toeverwlktheplanet says:


    • Sesshounamaru says:

      Lenard Segnitz
      Do you know that scientism is a thing right?

      this is no different than saying if you did X ritual and it didn’t work, its your fault for not having enough faith, the ritual itself it’s never never wrong

    • Sesshounamaru says:

      Haha this is so funny and sad at the same time, so if people take medicine up the ass is more effective in some cases of diabetes?

  18. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    Mars _does_ have a lot of really cool features. There’s a suggestion of _life_ and all other possibilities get _completely_ drowned out, even when there’s a _possibility_ that it might be wrong. But when there’s actual, irrefutable documentation of _water_ on the _surface_ of Mars, somehow, this receives dramatically _less_ attention. Why? Both are science and science carries us forward and fuels economic growth.

  19. IceMetalPunk says:

    The many comments about climate change here, and at least one about evolution, make me sad. You’d think the people watching a science channel’s video would understand science a bit more than to jump on the bandwagon of “see? Science has been wrong, so these things I don’t like / I’ve been told are wrong are also wrong, too!”

    • David says:

      And that’s why they can only get their opinions published in the YouTube comments section, not scientific literature.

    • Howard Wiggins says:

      But global warming and evolution should be questioned if data arises that contradicts part of the theory. I hope you’re not suggesting we accept the scientific interpretation of data on blind faith.

    • Wyman Manderly says:

      Howard Wiggins and who would better interpret the data then people who spent decades of their life studying it?
      Some internet bloggers or doctors in theology, maybe?

  20. culwin says:

    The worst scientific discovery was jazz fusion.

    • AnthonyMazzarella says:

      culwin birds of fire is amazing.

    • MissLilyputt says:

      culwin I would say that mumble rap is worse than jazz fusion. If the name of the rappers of this genre don’t manage to be against the Geneva Convention on torture the music certainly does and it should be classified as a dangerous weapon.

    • Eric Rakes says:

      *shocked face* Miles Davis would strongly disagree

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