5 Whole Pizzas + Q&A (#TakeoutTuesday ep.2)

5 Whole Pizzas + Q&A (#TakeoutTuesday ep.2)

I love pizza

This week for #TakeoutTuesday the spin wheel chose PIZZA! Ordered 5 from a Mod Pizza near my house, had it delivered, all while #StayingAtHome 🙂

Have any Questions or Ideas for the next episode, please let me know in the comment box below!!

#TakeoutTuesday is kinda my attempt to pump the #GreatAmericanTakeout inititive, to help local businesses and resturants keep aflot during these difficult time. If you can, consider ordering some Takeout or Delivery on Tuesday’s, and feel free to share your food photos with me on my social accounts!!


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47 Responses

  1. GoatboiKj says:

    Mat stonie:*literally orders 5 pizza’s*

    “Should’ve ordered more”

  2. Aryan Verma says:

    2:05 at that point i was expecting to hear “one bite, everyone knows the rules”

  3. Rose Choi says:

    Pizza: *exists*
    Matt Stonie: so you have chosen death…

  4. Dread says:

    Matt Stonie: spins on what to eat next

    Me: choosing what kind of flavor of instant noodles imma try next

  5. Utkarsh Goel says:

    1:35 – me sitting at home where there is curfew

  6. Ismail Mulla says:

    Whole world:-corona corona corona…..
    Le Matt:- 5 Whole pizza and Q&A😁😁

  7. Arch Argel says:

    Delivery guy: have a nice party
    mat: this is only for me
    Delivery guy: oh…

  8. Frans Freezy says:

    Only Matt Stonie can order FIVE pizzas and still have the audacity to say:
    “These pizzas are too small. Should’ve ordered more.” sooo calmly and giggle

  9. Sidd Manigandan says:

    Normal People: earn to eat
    Matt: Eat to earn

  10. Poro says:

    I just wanna see Animal Crossing gameplay..

  11. Lost Child says:

    Matt: “Hopefully soon one day”

    Covid 19: No. *You shall not*

  12. Senior Shankar says:

    I Remmember everyone kept challenging him to do a video where he eats normally and enjoys the food… well there you go he did that challenge too

  13. ATHARV SHARMA says:

    “did you say ranch?”
    *Steven Sushi has entered the chat*

  14. RamenCupBMG says:

    Bruh, he meant “how are you still skinny?” I don’t think he was questioning if you actually eat all of the food.

  15. Tyler T. says:

    “I’m lovin’ this meat. Don’t cli-”
    – Matt Stonie 2020

  16. tanuj9802 says:

    *Pizza Place: Hello sir! How many pizzas would you like?*

    *Matt Stonie: How many pizzas do you have?*

  17. TIGER Srijanverma says:

    This is literally the first time ever he is eating slowly and enjoying his food peacefully …

  18. Julia- Porn STARS GO MY PROF!LE says:

    Before quarantine: taco Tuesday
    Now: Takeout Tuesday

  19. Efsane Yorumcu says:


    Matt’s Stomach:Can’t you quarantine me too ¿

  20. nic lecher says:

    I have a question;

    Do you ever have one of those poo’s where you don’t need to wipe afterwards?

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