50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #35

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #35

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20 Responses

  1. Boo Blue says:

    #3 I live in Brazil and I have been there before,I live very close to
    there.It’s pretty cool

  2. nick “king of all Nick's” polidura says:

    How can Liam be fired for defending himself that stupid but hey he living a
    better life

  3. Mia. Ps says:


  4. António Ramos says:

    1750 facts (some repeated, but still…).

  5. Bryce Bledsoe says:

    that black kid at 5:55 is the youngest assassin ever

  6. Brian Phelps says:

    Always love these. Definitely my favorite series

  7. TickedOff Priest says:

    You chose to take out the loans, you dolt.

  8. Adam Lavelle says:

    Is this a reupload?

  9. Zabey Bell says:

    Go Cry About your Ex Pussy…. Lmao :)

  10. Lokigoc says:

    No underwear in space might sound sexy until you realize Palpatine was also
    in space … and he wore a robe … you’re all welcome

  11. Crystalvampire66 says:

    yay! stupid youtube keeps not emailing me when the fifty facts videos come
    out. but it did thia time!

  12. The Phantom says:

    Adding to #38 – Since the end of World War I there has only been 20 Minutes
    of Peace around the Globe.

  13. Whillztah says:

    Damn all these dislikes must be from Nicole Arbour.

  14. Henataspazz says:

    Thanks as always.

  15. The Mysterious Train says:

    dying in stairs the intelligence of human beings

  16. Blueberry 101 says:

    ooh oooh… Thats a shy knowledge whale… haha was i the only one that
    replaid that lol

  17. TheDamien6699 says:

    Fact 25 – Cosmonaut Gun

    What you didn’t mention was that the pic you used is the actual gun, and
    it’s a combination of all the weapons you mentioned. The machete was inside
    the stock, and the gun itself has three barrels, two on top for 12 gauge
    and the one underneath firing rifle rounds.

  18. TicklishWickle says:

    This guy’s thumbnails scare me…

  19. Rockypocky “Puffy” Puff says:

    But I’ve already slapped my flipper on the subscribe button ;3;

    Also, male phins sometimes kill the kids of other dolphins (especally from
    other species) so they can mate with her… Until she die.

  20. obaid rehman says:

    #14 , Jknews anybody