50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #37

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #37

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Matthew Santoro
Jim Vaylin

Brock Sumner

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20 Responses

  1. WeStY says:


  2. Deadfool says:

    These are my favourite types of videos Matt!

  3. Max Yasgur says:

    The 3D food printer is just like the microwave from Spy Kids. I need this.

  4. Louie B says:

    true the facts are useless but the facts are always interesting.???

  5. bob job says:

    Guy I love your videos but dead pool kicked the force awakens ass in the
    box office

  6. Capt. Bukowski says:

    1945 Matt really for Andrew Jackson he died on June 8, 1845

  7. Kikiep Nini says:

    we are whal people woop woop

  8. charly stargazer says:

    i think he was refrencing Eminem will the real slimshady please stand up

  9. Hadil Mohammed says:

    2:38 that is deep i am from iraq so i would understand the stuff she went

  10. Link 42 says:

    What do you call the owl that can print food…….. Foodini

  11. Luka Stoianovici says:

    I like your green head bro.

  12. nishi ran says:

    dat hamster tho…

  13. masseman5 says:

    jackson did not life for nearly 100 years after his death.

  14. Kratos Spartee says:

    Yep cuz all americans hate each other nd stay away from each other nd
    aren’t really nice its like we got a bunch of random ppl who hate each
    other nd put them in one place

  15. SxrYT Studios says:

    You have given 1850 facts… JESUS

  16. The Variety Expansion Pack says:

    Wow, what kind of camera did you use to record yourself? Cool facts by the
    way lol.

  17. Concerto Daze says:

    That #48 was brilliant!

  18. Volvary says:

    Isn’t 48 fake? Hasn’t it been debunked as untrue or have we really achieved
    it since then?

  19. Lord Barachiel says:

    love these videos

  20. violin says:

    about that woman who tattoos burn scars… did she tattoo her own face?