50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! #44

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! #44

Welcome to the 44th episode of the show that aims to BLOW YOUR MIND with the most AMAZING facts from the world we live in!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner

All facts in this video are sourced from the following websites, and then individually researched to ensure veracity. I encourage you to visit these websites if you want to learn more!


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20 Responses

  1. Retro KnD says:

    my high school GPA is a 2.8

  2. Pingu says:

    #48 Sanjay and Craig

  3. splashofben says:

    Matthew, dont listen to people! I think the knowledge whale is hilaruous
    and cute!!

  4. Landon Gaming says:

    Who else didn’t know molerats were actual things not just on Fallout 4?

  5. James Plana says:

    Bogut ain’t american though he’s Australian

  6. Draconus33Uxor says:

    Recheck #14… that one is incorrect… Discovery or History Channel had a
    show a few years back about these inmates and how some were evacuated and
    others were moved to a facility on higher ground and locked-in with highly
    armed guards…. This “fact” you should have double-checked.

  7. bandrukesucks says:

    Amazing Fact 51: Using your magic finger, you can run it down the end of a
    pigs back and the curl of it’s tail will straiten out.

    I know, doesn’t that just blow your mind?

  8. Zer0FiveSeven says:

    Are you aware of how Fn annoying you are?

  9. XboxTheifHD says:

    This guys eyes and teeth combined could be turned into a horror movie

  10. Ron West says:

    lml says 7 foot american shows andrew boget who is a aussie

  11. Lisandro Perez says:

    One fact that would blow your mind! God is real and He is Infinitely
    awesome! Holy! Perfect! Sinless! Pure! Get to know him today in the mighty
    name of Jesus Christ!!!

  12. XY says:

    That last fact is basically my life.

  13. Ralph Griswold says:

    Thumbs down for the knowledge whale idiocy

  14. codi darling says:

    I like knowledge whale.. my younger siblings do as well. I think he’s a
    great teacher..

  15. pixel26 says:

    Matthew Santoro be like…the sky isn’t actually blue

  16. Luna the Nightmare says:

    …welp im a night owl and the funny thing, i take risks, i have a habit of
    doing the same thing(not always), but im social

  17. Rishabh Sharma says:

    Matthew gives me a creepy vibe for some reason, he makes great videos but
    it’s almost cringe to watch

  18. mr. malkki says:

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  19. Diggermole00 says:

    The videos you make are good, but holy shit you’re an adult please act your
    age and stop that knowledge whale thing.

  20. Matthildur María Pálsdóttir says:

    I’m from iceland