50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #74

50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #74

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All facts in this video are sourced from the following websites, and then individually researched to ensure veracity. I encourage you to visit these websites if you want to learn more!


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20 Responses

  1. Modern Day Streetwear says:

    Bruh, those fly noises made me freak the fuck out

  2. Malachi Rymer says:

    omg, I hate you for the mosquito sounds.

  3. Carmelo Anthony says:

    Did anyone else jump when they heard the mosquitos.

  4. Mohib Amin says:

    let me tell u people the truth
    one like:nothing
    one sub:nothing
    its the truth

  5. The Witness says:

    My grandpa is 97 years old and he still drinks and smokes.

  6. Kyotic says:

    When he played the mosquitoes sound I swear I started moving my hands to get them away from my head

  7. Akashi RvL says:

    2:58 The moment i heard mosquito sounds i started swinging my hands around like an idiot. Scared the sh*t out of me.

  8. Doge Cushion [BumbleLeFish] says:

    Why can’t fat people be gay?

    They can’t fit in the closet.

  9. Barry Allen says:


  10. billstirini says:

    So, saturns rings are meth?

  11. Yohan Wilson says:

    Matthew has 0 hair on his his head. 1 like= 1 hair how much hair will Matthew get

  12. Said Osman says:

    damn 2:57 scared the shit out of me

    (and yes i like my own comments because no one else will)

  13. Mike Leader says:

    Am I the only one thag wants to know where to get the camera from number 45?

  14. Emaaazing says:

    And where can i get one of those sony cameras??…

  15. Sarah Kako says:

    If I was driving a car and I saw a kid on the road in front of me, my first action wouldn’t be to slow down and keep driving. I would swerve off the road to avoid hitting them. You’re assuming it’s a real child and if you slow down you’re still going to hit them. WTF. Those 3D speed bumps are one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. I wouldn’t be surprised if this causes car accidents in the future.

  16. FOFANA says:

    That golden toilet is called america because its full of shit

  17. patstar67 says:

    Wait isn’t Australia the biggest island in the world not Greenland ?

  18. Harrison Murray says:

    Greenland is the largest island in he world? what happened to Australia ahaha. Australia has the area of 7.692 MILLION square kms

  19. Steam Puff says:

    The dogs that survived the titanic should be more known.

  20. Leslie Durfee says:

    Watch these babes live on cam, google *livesexly* and open the first site! I’m sure you will love it

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