50 Cent Speaks on Takeoff, BMF, Super Bowl, and Reveals “8 Mile” TV Show | Interview

50 Cent Speaks on Takeoff, BMF, Super Bowl, and Reveals “8 Mile” TV Show | Interview

50 Cent dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about BMF Season 2, touring 36 countries, and surpassing 1.8 billion views in 2022. He also discusses his Super Bowl performance with Dr. Dre and Eminem, his First Pitch for the Mets, and his hit song In Da Club. Plus, 50 Cent reveals his plans to create an “8 Mile” TV show. Watch the full interview exclusively on BigBoyTV.

Season 2 of BMF premieres on January 6, 2023 on STARZ.

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34 Responses

  1. Diverse Mentality says:

    Any 50 Cent interview, I’m here. Great work Big Boy.

  2. Bob Green says:

    50 has the best interviews. Gives game noone else gives, always has smoke, is always up on the culture, his brain just different. Wish he had a podcast.

  3. Ms MiamiHeat305 says:

    The 1st new 50 Cent interview of 2023…I will never get tired of a 50 Cent interview. 50 Cent is a Living Legend and truly is the definition of a Hustler’s Ambition. He really did a great job with his transition from rapper/entrepreneur/actor and now Executive Producer. I love watching all of his shows. I’m looking forward to new music from him.🐐🔥

  4. LTA says:

    50 cent sometimes will ramble, repeat things hes been saying for years but he always will a legit GEM in his interviews. The point about rappers not realizing they can be killed by somebody who is just like them before the song was profound!

    • Robert Hendrix says:

      @Brad Kemp ramble about what don’t watch go watch one of new guys interview and you’ll see rambling

    • Brad Kemp says:

      He does ramble a lot but he also usually has a point as you shown. I’ve watched him so much that I see ppl get lost in what he’s saying but I’ll understand exactly what he means or where’s he’s going w/ it lol

    • Veli Kapo says:

      @Australia mak I chill with 50, Yayo and Murda while you down unda in Australia! Gotta plane to catch and money to go get, no time to entertain your “suggestions”! Take care

    • Australia mak says:

      @Veli Kapo Did you read or did you just pop off your mouth because you woke up salty ?
      I started my comment by saying.
      “I think it Is possible ” That statement means I am suggesting. It doesn’t mean its true. Secondly, watch him on a promotion run. Like breakfast club and hot 97 in 2017. He starts to repeat himself, meaning there are specific answers he has practised or conditioned himself to say. That can be easily done on the fly. It doesn’t mean he has cue cards.
      Whats funny is you acting like you live with 50 lol 😆 😂

    • Veli Kapo says:

      @Australia mak It looks like you don’t know 50 by now! 50 Always Talk That Real Talk On The Spot, he ain’t been rehearsing nothin! WYSWYG

  5. Kywanda Woods says:

    I love this iteration of 50. I can listen to his interviews and not get bored. He always drop so many jewels in whatever interview he is in, but not in an arrogant way. His evolution has been seamless and to listen to him is such a breath of fresh air.

  6. Anthony Washington says:

    Notice how 50 corrected himself from “I want to” to “I’m going to “… language of a winner 🏆

  7. Spartacus says:

    50cent is special man! Nothing that man can’t do and he told us this in 2003 “if I can’t do it, homie it can’t be done”.

    Seeing his evolution, hustler to rapper, actor/movie star, business man and now producer of multiple hit shows! Brother is special!

    • Stackadolla says:

      Fr to make 40m from Gunit sneakers , 120m from formula 50 then to go on to make some of the biggest tv shows the level of his hustle is insane

  8. djlive408 says:

    Some of my best years was when 50 gave us some gangsta shit! Love the grit that 50 brought to the hip-hop genre.

  9. Notebook. says:

    Eminem and 50 are probably the most loyal dudes on the planet. That friendship is just another level. Em refusing to do anything without his camp involved is legendary.

    • Greatness In Full Effect….Statement… says:

      Loyalty at its finest for sure.

    • Hold The Truth Hostage says:

      Well 50 because you have to remember Enimem wasn’t with him when the game thing happened with Jimi Ivine founding Gunot

    • Charles Chatman says:

      I love Em, but I believe this relationship is solid because of 50ty. He was really left to raise him self I know he lived with his grandparents, but he was in & out of there home apparently up until the point when he was shot. He’s developed a perfect sense of who is and wether we want to believe it or not is highly intelligent knows how to analyze complex situations and has a tremendous amount of humanity because he’s been through so much!!

    • Tiran Jones says:

      ​@Black gv

    • Jungle boy k 26th says:

      @Mr Ok he grew up around 50 big difference….yayo and banks was friends and close

  10. Mitch McCluskey says:

    grew up on 50’s music. so happy em and dre put him on their team. his movies and tv shows are great. what a master of both crafts

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