50 Food Mistakes You Need To Avoid

50 Food Mistakes You Need To Avoid

These are mistakes almost everyone makes. So sad 🙁

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30 Responses

  1. @MelodicMethod says:

    0:28 pat before sear
    0:46 cook with acid
    1:13 wait on adding garlic
    2:02 don’t overcook veggies
    2:43 use sharp knives
    3:26 use enough fat/salt
    3:47 clean as you go
    4:10 constantly stir food
    4:45 proper food storage
    5:11 clean knife after every use
    5:31 use the right pan
    5:56 toast deez nuts & spices
    6:14 how to crack an egg
    6:31 pre-measure recipe ingredients
    6:53 box directions are suggestions
    7:16 don’t overhandle food
    7:44 keep tools near you
    8:13 set a timer before walking away
    8:31 cut your own veggies
    8:55 soften butter when called for
    9:10 proper cutting board material
    9:40 don’t use oil in pasta
    9:56 don’t use soap on cast iron
    10:27 precise measurements
    10:49 wash rice
    11:22 don’t use apron as towel/oven mitt
    11:32 make your own stock
    12:03 dont’ start steak in butter
    12:27 carry-over cooking
    12:43 don’t add ingredients at same time
    13:05 don’t rinse cooked pasta
    13:25 grind your own spices
    13:40 dont’ substitute ingredients
    14:06 temp control
    14:29 mince your own garlic
    15:05 parchment paper in (cake) pan
    15:48 use a time when baking
    16:05 don’t use metal in non-stick pan
    16:17 use the correct fat for the jorb
    16:38 seasoning pasta water
    16:59 use enough oil when searing
    17:21 reduce sauces properly
    17:48 taste as you cook
    18:21 rest protein after cooking
    18:34 pre-heat pan/oven
    18:50 which salt to use
    19:25 wash produce
    19:42 don’t oil grill grates
    20:00 check all appliances when done

  2. @mrkingsudo says:

    Awesome advice, but there is one point I wanted to bring up. “Don’t use soap in a cast iron” is an old warning to abide by, specifically because soap used to have lye in it. The lye in ye olde soap would ruin the seasoning on a pan as fast as steel wool would ruin non-stick. As long as your soap is lye free, you’re in the clear!

    • @Kingsley4851 says:

      Yep! Technically dish “soap” is actually called detergent because it doesn’t have the lye in it. You can use oil to clean, but it really should get cleaned with detergent every few uses.

      The rust nowadays comes from people not properly drying it off and oiling it immediately. You gotta wash it, dry with a towel, stick it on a hot stove first and few minutes to evaporate off the extra water, then lightly oil it with a high-smoke-point oil. Cast iron is great, but it definitely takes a bit more upkeep than stainless steel.

    • @batslav says:

      I agree that it needs a bit more care but the taste of the food done in cast iron is better.

    • @HollyFurgason says:

      You also have to be careful of taste. Cast iron can absorb the fragrance from the dish detergent. A quick wash is fine but don’t ever let soapy water soak in a cast iron pan.

    • @firstnamekaty8830 says:

      @@HollyFurgasonMy mom has a cast iron pan for only savory foods and a cast iron pan for only desserts like pineapple upside down cake and stuff. Otherwise the desserts will taste like onions and garlic😂

    • @firstnamekaty8830 says:

      @@Kingsley4851When I first got married people gave me new cast iron skillets at my bridal showers and my in-laws gave me a couple of them that were my husband’s great grandmother’s but nobody told me how to take care of them and I had no idea. My mom has cooked with cast iron my entire life but for some reason she never explained to me how to take care of them…or maybe she did and I just didn’t pay attention bc I was too young to care, idk🤷‍♀️ But I “ruined” all of them by putting them in the dishwasher, letting them soak in water, not seasoning them, etc.- everything wrong you can do to a cast iron skillet, I did it. And then not knowing any better, I threw them all away like an idiot😭

  3. @tjsingh5163 says:

    Been actively cooking (trying to get better at cooking) since I could reach the stove. The one hobby I’ve never stopped for a period of time. Been at at for over 30 years now. There’s not much I enjoy more than feeding people and teaching others to cook. To me cooking is one of those things you develop a feel for. Great tips Josh! Made me feel good about myself for doing most of them already!

    • @hannahdzura8378 says:

      Love this comment! I’m very grateful my dad taught me most of these things growing up. It instilled a passion for creating dishes the best way possible! Josh is out here improving all of our skills!🙌

  4. @magikarpmann says:

    Sometimes I forget how much of my cooking knowledge I owe to Josh since I started watching his videos a few years ago.

  5. @captainspaulding5963 says:

    Prep work helps a TON, but nobody needs 50 ramekins for powdered seasoning, at all! You can measure everything individually, with one measuring spoon, and toss it all in the same container.

    • @misterhat5823 says:

      If all the ingredients are to be added at once. You know someone will read your comment and just dump everything in one bowl and wonder why it didn’t work.

    • @julesa1754 says:

      Yes but most beginners will need to see things out before eyeballing measurements

  6. @Want-To-See-It says:

    I love number 4 because there’s like an entire subgenre of cooking content on YouTube where people are like “today I’m cooking [for example] something by Gordon Ramsay” and then change like 17 bloody parts of the recipe and then go “wow this isn’t very good, why would Gordon do this? Surely it is not my fault. Anyway like comment subscribe” and then their comments are just full of mindless sheep going *”YEAH FAMOUS CHEFS AND COOKS DON’T KNOW ANYTHING REALLY”*

  7. @thomasm9876 says:

    For the “don’t use jarred garlic” tip, I’d say “just buy a garlic press”. A beginner cook won’t mince garlic with a knife in 30 seconds. But they could with a tool like that.

    • @HollyFurgason says:

      I love my garlic press! I also have a garlic slicer and dicer that I picked up on amazon a while ago that’s handy.

    • @JS-gd6rm says:

      Jar garlic is fine, he just nit picking again. He got most things right but a lot where just either wrong or very opinionated.

    • @arsenalfanatic0971 says:

      @@JS-gd6rm jar garlic has less flavour and is overpriced. You don’t need to use as much fresh garlic as jarlic in recipes.

    • @Igny666 says:

      ​@@JS-gd6rmJar garlic tastes noticeably worse in most things, but is preferable in other things. It’s basically an entirely different flavour.

  8. @willscowing8772 says:

    Got your book for my birthday and made the burgers and arancini and let’s just say, everyone has been veeerrrryyyy impressed. I’ve gone from not cooking to now making great tasting food thanks to you Josh, just added a wok to my collection and can’t wait to use your recipes in it

  9. @eldibs says:

    There is a setting or two where washing the pasta can be helpful. Specifically, if you’re storing the pasta for later use with a sauce that’s already emulsified and thickened, because the starch will make the pasta stick together enough that you end up shredding it when you try to separate it.

  10. @pinkytaylor5845 says:

    Excellent!! I learned a bunch. Also, I appreciate your pasta tips. I am constantly telling people not to put oil in the water. Enough boiling water and sticking will not be a problem. Nanna said salty like the sea and enough room to dance!

    • @malindastevens1016 says:

      Yea I used to be guilty of the oil in pasta water thing when I first started cooking. Thankfully broke that habit pretty quick.

    • @offroadskater says:

      There is a special room in hell for people who oil their saltless pasta water. Some condemned Italian is waiting there for you with a heavy rolling pin. He’s not going to hit you with it. He’s going to flatten you for eternity and then forcing you to eat underseasoned pasta with sauce that just never clings. Agony, I tell you.

    • @dirtyfiendswithneedles3111 says:

      She’s wrong too

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