$50,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

$50,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

I’m hosting a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament for $50,000


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34 Responses

  1. John Clyde Malagueño says:

    The fact that chris and karl is just walking around, even there’s a battle is hilarious 😂😂

  2. Riggity Ron Reviews says:

    The crew and MrBeast are more excited than the contestants winning prizes.

  3. Youtuber(VANSH) says:

    Living near MrBeast is actually a good financial decision

  4. Ghosty Hand says:

    Why does everybody seem so awkwardly unappreciative. So you didn’t win $50,000, you still won something, some more than others.
    Jimmy is a 🐐 for doing this 👏🏻

  5. Xenonia says:

    I bet he did that to make viewers used to livestreams before Ludwig’s Mogul Chessboxing Event! Jimmy’s a thoughtful guy <3 Making great content at the same time

  6. Yordy Torres says:

    Jimmy is a good of retention, even on a Livestream he knows how to keep his audience

  7. Red Card Gaming says:

    28:25 “I think him and the other person are sitting side by side at the Super Bowl” I love Jimmy’s adorable short attention span. He couldn’t even remember it was Phil who won the first set of Super Bowl tickets. He was just “the other person” LMFAO

  8. Money King says:

    I’ve always been curious to know how much money Jimmy has already spent only in briefcases

  9. WestCoastVibin says:

    Jimmy will always & forever be an all around genuine LEGEND! 👌🏼

  10. Cheeseball31 says:

    “TSA gets weird when you carry a lot of money” of course Jimmy would know that 😂

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