$50,000 Tiny House Vs. $165,000 Tiny House

$50,000 Tiny House Vs. $165,000 Tiny House

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72 Responses

  1. I eat penis because says:

    I’m still waiting for 1$ tissues vs. 100$ tissues but ok…

  2. Straessbomb says:

    So odd to see Andrew not talking; used to him on Worth It Food

  3. Mr. Friendship says:

    *Plot Twist:* The tiny house is actually Ant-Man’s house once he shrink it for safe keeping.

  4. Red Dot Sight OR Holographic sight says:

    Now Andrew is producer
    At Worth it
    He eats together with steven and Adam
    *Good Old Days*

    • Gaby Fernandez says:

      in this spin off series, he’s still an executive producer, he was a co host for one episode, and is helping with production (behind the scenes) most of the time. wait for worth it food, Steven has said many times it will come soon. This show is just as good but if is not your cup of tea, don’t watch it 🙂

  5. Bebe Jewell says:

    Curly lost so much weight, genuinely did not recognise him straight away xx

  6. whitenailsnguitars says:

    I love how respectful they were in the bus home. They kept thanking them for having them in their home. Very sweet and humble. And Curly needs to come back for more episodes 😀

  7. Autumn Jackson says:

    I wish I was living in a tiny home and watching it rain as my fireplace crackles.

  8. Hector says:

    *looks at tiny house*
    “this is bigger than my house”

  9. Katjaaa says:

    curly: you’re flirting with me

  10. Aleena Asif says:

    It feels weird to see Andrew sitting in the back… It just doesn’t feel right ?

  11. Connor Lipke says:

    Should have included a conversion van at the lowest price point. I paid $1400 for my van, and it probably cost less than $1000 in materials to build the inside out. Solar was pricey though.

  12. Barnesi94 says:

    i’ve seen $5-8k tiny houses- and they were on par with the $50k one. Also any tiny house over $100k is a a rip-off considering of of the main monetary factors for normal houses is actually the land.

    • Marei Comeaux says:

      +Cat Kita All materials cannot be used. Theres some structural parts of the tiny house where you have to use new materials. There still the cost of plumbing and electrical. Also If anything is bought new it needs to be the trailer the tiny house sits on. The trailer is the foundation of the tiny house. Most people who built on used trailers in the past realize later on that they couldn’t even move their houses because the trailer couldn’t support the weight. So it’s not advised to use used trailers anymore and even if someone still does it still wouldn’t be as cheap as the op said. No stick built tiny house on wheels would cost as little as 5-8k even with mostly used materials.

    • Barnesi94 says:

      +Ateez trash yes, im also ateez trash too 🙂

    • Ash says:

      +Sugey.Kitty I live in Georgia and can get a 4bed 2 bath for $165,000 on an acre of land

    • Sol says:

      +Mapoe Sims I agree that it is a rip off I’ve been following the tiny house community for over ten years before they were popular the average cost for a nice tiny home was about 24k. They started getting really overpriced because like everything some people saw an opportunity to exploit it for more $$, building companies then got involved and started advertising them as luxury tiny homes and there you go, overpriced tiny homes galore.

  13. Nick Cox says:

    What is the point of an expensive tiny home. Tiny houses were made to be cheaper than regular homes.

    • Debarka Mukhopadhyay says:

      Tiny homes also have a low carbon footprint. So you could think of it as eco-friendly luxury

    • CherieMonique says:

      Entry level fixer upper home in SoCal is like $650 Bare minimum.

    • ꧁༺ imayelogrr ARMY ༻꧂ says:

      cozy boujee and more eco friendly

    • Bruce Duits says:

      To make idiots buy them so they can live in LA.

    • Sol says:

      That was true until building companies got involved and basically “gentrified” the tiny house community to appeal to hipsters. It all went downhill from there but I still plan on building one for myself one day as I genuinely don’t need more space than that. You should check out Jay Shafer’s original concept and philosophy about living in these tiny homes.

  14. gunghoman414 says:

    I too work in a warehouse while wearing a leather trench coat while I sketch with a pen over printed renderings.

  15. Simply Thandi says:

    “who is The Man?” “Idk I’m still tryna find him” ????

  16. PiPi414 says:

    Anyone here watches Living big in a tiny house?
    We know that first guy 😉

  17. TheAnonymous1811 says:

    audience (mainly broke people):
    BMW: this is a perfect audience to try and sell a luxury vehicle.

  18. Z Bryant says:

    “I ghosted my own housewarming party” – literally every introvert ever

  19. Rae Grimm says:

    The kids in “Betsy” the bus were so cute. You saw how much it meant to them to be able to show their home, they even wore fancy clothing like a tie. I hope they get back on their feet again.

  20. Ben Baker says:

    I like how trailers are considered trashy but a tiny house is cool but both are on a trailer frame.

    • Cayla Mcmillian says:

      Ben Baker i think it has to do with movies n the association with it.

    • Ben Baker says:

      +OverKnight 52 I’m in college and was looking at a 3 bed 2 bath double wide for sale on 13 acres of land for 78000.

    • Ben Baker says:

      +Cayla Mcmillian I think you’re right. But the stereotype is true for some but now you can find a really nice double wide for a good price

    • SUGAR XYLER ! says:

      +Ben Baker
      ☠ That is way overpriced. You can get a single wide in North Carolina for 11K through 16K. I’m selling one for 16K

    • Ben Baker says:

      +SUGAR XYLER ! With 13 acres yeah right

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