500hp Super Mini Cooper vs 1,000hp Dodge Charger Hellcat Drag Race

500hp Super Mini Cooper vs 1,000hp Dodge Charger Hellcat Drag Race

Paul and Tyler put Honda VTEC in their Mark I Mini Cooper care of a supercharged J series engine swap. The result? 500 horsepower with very little weight to slow it down! Meanwhile Mr. Matthew Jensen brought 1000 horses thanks to a 6.2 liter supercharged Hellcat and some secret bolt-on science but with twice the weight too, so we gotta do a drag race for science now.

More THIS vs THAT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6UM7PBDugA&list=PLhU72li4fhIca_hXD0v8PFHRahreBuPJa

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00:00 Intro
02:06 THIS: 1976 Super Mini Cooper S
05:04 THAT: 2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat
07:07 Predictions
07:53 Round 1
09:53 Round 2
11:09 Round 3
12:50 Bonus Round
13:55 Time to make the donuts

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36 Responses

  1. King Immanuel says:

    This is exactly what This vs That was made for

  2. Fuzzycuffs Rodriguez says:

    That Cooper looks like it’ll go from 0 to felony real quick and then go from felony to bouillon cube if you hit anything solid 🤣

    • Blitz-Mekanika says:

      A perfect description. 👌🏻

    • David Fletcher says:

      Ive crashed 2 minis in my life, An old cooper (similar to this is shape at least) and a modern bmw type mini and both hold up real well to sliding along on their doors.

    • Justin Gambacurta says:

      Should have left it at. Zero to a felony real quick js. Funny as hell tho

    • Drilon Rexhepi says:

      Nailed it with that comment 😂😂😂😂

    • Corey Thomas says:

      Bouillon cube to salad break, I mean lunch break, I mean have something to eat in the slammer, I mean something to play pog with, I mean zero reference to cooper, I mean coppers. I don’t mean jail.

  3. Daan Otto says:

    I’m amazed that that Mini driver didn’t need a trailer to drag his massive balls along. Putting that much power in such a short wheelbase is scary as heck.

  4. GTA Wise Guy says:

    Hoss, the hypeman we all need. LETS GOOOOOO

  5. Tim Meschke says:

    The Hellcat may have won the race, but the Mini won the hearts and minds

    • Bickz says:

      Imagine if that Mini Cooper was a turboed k swap

    • Ralph says:

      Charger lost as soon as it needed a handicap

    • Omar Bouayad says:

      I came to say the exact same thing

    • Littlecity AL says:


    • Littlecity AL says:

      @Rayzor28 anyone with money can buy the Mini Cooper they built ma boi 🤣 they said it’s a 200k car. If you mean a normal Mini Cooper then fuck it I guess your comment valid. Jensen ain’t got a shit load of money specially when he first got the car. His financial situation might be better now because of YouTube but you really don’t know what people go through to get a whip regardless of the price point

  6. dad says:

    I can’t imagine just how fun it would be to drive the Cooper. I’d take it every day over the charger and I’m a muscle car guy

    • Mark Cheverie says:

      I agree, the sounds, the power to weight, the level of finish. I think it needs a bit of minor tweaks to tuning and perhaps stronger clamps, and trunk latches, and perhaps for drag some slicks, but it’s a ripper.

  7. Not_Streily says:

    That’s one fast ass Mini Cooper

  8. StankBeast says:

    The bonus round…. two drivers who followed the rules. Look at the difference in the race when people dont jump. So much more fun for us to watch… take note guys!

  9. chopwet says:

    The fact that it’s not another K series swap warms the cockles. I can’t imagine how much fun and fear one could derive from that Mini. Scary stuff.

  10. BoostedMotorsports says:

    Atta boy Jensen 💪

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